Friday, May 6, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Caveman Morrison & Monkey's Uncle), Band Lineup News, And More!!

Anyone want some big news? I've got it today, including lots of news relating to band statuses, including a name change and some major lineup additions...oh, and LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS as well! Let's set you guys up for the weekend with this news, starting with a very notable return to the stage!

Caveman Morrison are back! After a seven month break from the stage following the departure of 2/3rds of the band's late 2010 lineup, the local hard rock cover trio have booked their first local shows since October, so when can you see them next? Actually, next weekend! The band's new lineup, including debuting drummer Willie Bellerose and their new bassist (more on him in a second) will rock The Nicolet Tavern on May 13th and 14th with their take on classic and newer hard rock and metal classics! As is standard, they'll be on at 10:00 PM both nights, there is no announced cover charge, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! It's great to see Caveman Morrison back, I've missed them over the last half-year, and they'll be sure to deliver some great music next weekend!

As for the new bassist, the band announced on their Facebook group recently that they've added bassist Jacques Marceau to the band, replacing the already-departed Dutch Vanderploeg. I'm not sure about his local musical background, but from what I've gathered, he should fit in well with Caveman Morrison! Tym has a good ear for talent, I have faith the new lineup will sound great! So remember, check out the new Caveman Morrison lineup NEXT WEEKEND at The Nic!

Also on the topic of bands with new shows and new members, Sault Michigan hard rockers Monkey's Uncle have announced six more shows at The Rapids Lounge at Kewadin Casino for this year! Adding to their previously announced bi-monthly shows at Kewadin that were originally announced on Kewadin Casino's entertainment page, they'll now be playing there for additional shows on May 27th & 28th, August 26th & 27th, and December 16th & 17th! The first two are new additions, but the December shows appear to be replacements for rock cover band Crossroads, who were originally listed by Kewadin for that weekend. All of these shows should have 9:00 PM-ish start times, 21+ age limits, and no cover charge. Check the above links for new details! Sounds good to me, it's nice to see them adding new shows and actually telling fans on MySpace about them again, and related to that, there appears to be an addition to Monkey's Uncle! The band announced on April 21st on MySpace that they had "hired a new rocker", but they haven't been back to the page to elaborate on this story since that day. So, who's the new guy?

Well, it's apparently former Absolute & Self Control frontman Donny Newell! He posted on our Facebook page's wall yesterday afternoon to let us know about this news, which I greatly credit him for, as you know how slow Monkey's Uncle news often is to get to us! I assume that Henry Switzer is moving to backing vocals & guitar in the band now, though I can't confirm that, as the band's MySpace page isn't updated yet to reflect this news. It'll come though! We haven't heard much from Donny in the local scene since Self Control went inactive last year, and it's great to see him back out there! I liked his singing in Absolute, and he'll add to the band nicely! Judging by the recent posting about the band's new hire, I assume Donny's debuting with Monkey's Uncle TONIGHT at Kewadin Casino, so if you want to check out the band's new lineup, here's your chance! They'll be back at the end of the month too, along with various other shows this year, so keep an eye out for what looks like Monkey's Uncle's new quartet lineup!

Finally, here's two more band notes to share! For one, did you notice that the new event page for Turner Up's shows this weekend at The Nicolet Tavern implied a lot of finality? Don't fret, just cause it says it's the "final Turner Up! show" doesn't mean the band's breaking up! I confirmed with drummer Scott McClurg last night that Turner Up are officially changing their name to Full Circle after this weekend's shows. Why? Partly to signal their musical evolution & current lineup, and partly out of respect for ex-band members. Nothing's changing with the band's lineup or their upcoming shows beyond the natural growth of their sound that was happening already, so make note of that when you see Full Circle (formerly Turner Up) after this weekend! I'll keep you posted on their pages, especially if they start a new one!

The other note I had is that local death metal quintet State of Misery are not going to play a show for a "long while", likely for a few months. They broke the news on their Facebook page in scattered postings over the past few days. What happened with the band? I do know what happened, though I don't know any major details. Without public information or the go-ahead from any band members, I won't say what happened here yet, but I will say it is related to the band's lineup. Stay tuned for more on this (and my thoughts) as shareable information comes out!

That's all for now, but stay tuned this weekend for a new As It Stands video, our Fuck The Facts concert preview, and more! Thanks everyone!

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