Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sebastian Bach & 415E Concert Videos!!

In this video-heavy Tuesday, we've got (as promised) the first video footage from Sunday night's Sebastian Bach concert at The Dreammaker's Theater at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino in tonight's post! That's the focus here, but of course, check out this morning's YouTube Channel Profiles on Phil Temporao & Tantrym Tyme's YouTube channels in the post below this one. Given the types of videos we have from Sunday night, I thought we'd go in rough chronological order for them, starting with this video from... Sebastian Bach himself? Uploaded on Sunday night before the concert to Sebastian's own YouTube channel (which is named after his old band Damnocracy from the VH1 reality show Supergroup), this is a very short cell phone video which appears to be from shortly after the former Skid Row frontman arrived at Kewadin Casino. Despite it's 12 second length, it's full of sarcastic jabs at the bad winter weather we had on Sunday, which you may take any way you want. Still, we don't see a ton of videos of touring acts arriving in the area, so it's notable on that basis as well, and give it a look below!

Next up, while we started with Sebastian's arrival, let's transition to his opening band, as Sault Michigan hard rock band 415E (featuring Splitshot & Highest of Fives alumni) made their live concert debut on Sunday night, and we have the first video of them in action to share on here! Uploaded by recent Queensryche video uploader Christopher Paci on Sunday night after the show, this is of 415E covering The Stone Temple Pilots' "Interstate Love Song", but how do 415E sound? They seem to have this song down well, with Chris Hubbard shining on guitar, and Dave Menard's vocals suit it really nicely (a bit better than their heavier originals, in fact), so it's a nice taste of what Splitshot may have looked & sounded like live (they never uploaded any videos, as you may recall.) That said, Dave's stage presence is a bit stiff, and Christopher's camera work is somewhat jittery (plus, the audio fades when the camera zooms in & out), but this is still a good first glimpse at 415E, and hopefully we hear a lot more from them in 2013! Check out their first live video below!

And now, for the Sebastian Bach videos, starting with four from his set from the aforementioned Christopher Paci, where he filmed Sebastian performing the title track from his latest solo album "Kicking & Screaming" as well as covers of the Skid Row classics "Monkey Business", "18 & Life", and (as embedded below) "I Remember You", so click each link to check them out! Similar quality to the 415E video, with good audio but jittery camera work, and that faded audio when zooming in & out. Sebastian sounds as good as ever, aside from a bit more reserved chorus singing than I'm used to. Nice videos, so check out Christopher's concert videos above, and here's Sebastian covering "I Remember You"!

Finally for videos from Sunday night are four videos from attendee Loris Rugolo, who uploaded these last night onto his YouTube channel. These include Sebastian playing his 2007 original song "American Metalhead" and the Skid Row songs "I Remember You", "Youth Gone Wild", and (as embedded below) "Monkey Business", so again, click each link to check them out! Loris' videos are of a better quality, with clearer audio and a far closer seat to the stage, with easier flowing zooming, and these are pretty good to see what went down on Sunday! I'll embed my favourite of the four songs below (featuring some fun audience call & response), but check out the rest of the new videos above!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news as the week wears on, including previews of this weekend's concerts! Thanks everyone!

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