Saturday, January 12, 2013

Concert Cancellations, Lots Of Sykotyk Rampage News, And F.A.T.I.L.'s New Video!!

Before we get to the rest of today's news, I just wanted to note that The Suicide Kings' planned concerts this weekend have been cancelled, just one week after their planned Rockstar Bar gigs suffered the same fate. The guys were scheduled to make their Docks Riverfront Grill debut yesterday & tonight, but they cited "a last minute booking issue with Docks" for their cancellation on their Facebook page last night. This may have been partly due to singer Mike Gaetano falling ill, as drummer Ben Boudreau was briefly looking for a fill-in vocalist for the weekend on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group, but they cancelled the shows shortly after. This is really disappointing, especially with the guys having to cancel consecutive concert weekends to start the year, but hopefully they'll play somewhere this month! As of right now, their next announced shows (and now, their real Docks debut) will be on February 9th and 10th, so if nothing else is announced, keep those dates in mind!

With that said, we have some more news to get to on this Saturday afternoon, including our first new audio tracks from a prominent local metal band, confirmation on their current lineup, and a new video from a prominent local metal band, so here's what you need to know!

The Soo's resident blue Chinese metal crash punk band Sykotyk Rampage have been posted two full streaming copies of new albums onto their Reverbnation page earlier this week! Like with their 2011 output, these were visibly delayed from the announced "release date", but it's good to finally start hearing these new songs! These are considered the band's 34th & 35th albums (despite being 30th & 31st in release order), and they're entitled "The Cross" and "Will Do Anything, Seriously?". Featuring 15 & 11 songs respectively, most of these tracks are new to longtime listeners, but a couple of recent live tracks are included (most notably "Hay Zeus" from "The Cross"), and that album seems to have an anti-religion concept, as the cover and song titles would suggest. The band's other 4 planned albums from last year ("Smells Real Good On A Bad Night", "Jonathon, Your Music Sucks!", "Sykotyk Ramp-Age", and "Anal Distruptions") have yet to be posted (save for the song "Roll A Doobie"), and like with their 2011 "Genius Mushrooms" albums, these have yet to be posted for sale.

I haven't heard most of the new songs yet, but if they retain the sykotyk and aggressive bent of albums like "Zombiez" & "22", they should live up to the hype! When the band posts more new material (or makes any new albums available for purchase), I'll let you guys know for sure! One more thing on Sykotyk Rampage: It looks like they've officially made Tony Briglio their permanent bassist, replacing Brian Cattapan. Nothing official was announced to that effect, but Tony's now listed as their bassist on Reverbnation, complete with the nickname "Chastity Boy" to go along with the other members' amusing monikers. Best known previously as a bassist in The Fury, Tony started filling in for Brian (who's lived in Sudbury for a few years now) this summer, which has to have helped with Sykotyk Rampage's quick concert pace in the latter half of 2012 compared to previous years. No word yet on if Tony played anything on Sykotyk Rampage's newest albums, but for what it's worth, Brian is featured in three of their 2012 album covers. Tony's a great fit all around with Sykotyk Rampage, but hopefully we'll see Brian turn up at some future shows as well!

Finally for today, here's a new video from Central Algoma death metal quartet For All That Is Lost! I'm not sure how this got bypassed for so long (I must have thought it was a re-upload), but this performance of their song "Northern Metal" from the Locals Attack show at The Canadian Nightclub on November 26th was posted on the band's YouTube channel two weeks ago! Filmed on a nice camera (albeit with dark lighting), the fi;mer got some nice moving angles of the guys from a high vantage point, and F.A.T.I.L. are at their brutal best here, so give this new-ish video of theirs a look below, and hopefully we'll see them back on stage soon!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for Queensryche fallout, more new videos, and much more shortly! Thanks everyone, and enjoy the Queensryche show tonight!

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