Friday, January 4, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Haggith), Concert Cancellations, And More!!

Finally, we have our first news post of 2013 on this fourth day of the year (the slow news trend from the holidays is ongoing), but we've got a lot to get to on this Friday morning nonetheless! Today, we have a few assorted recent news stories and a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for next weekend in Sault Ontario, but first, we've gotta address some concert cancellations, all concerning shows this weekend that would have been the first heavier local shows of 2013. Both local metal cover trio Caveman Morrison & local alternative hard rock quartet The Suicide Kings were slated to play live this weekend (Caveman Morrison at The Roosevelt Hotel tonight & tomorrow, and The Suicide Kings tomorrow only), but both bands' gigs have been cancelled. Caveman Morrison frontman Tym Morrison confirmed their cancellations in a comment reply on the Facebook event page tonight, while Suicide Kings frontman Mike Gaetano deleted their show's event page just a few minutes ago. In both cases, neither band revealed a full reason for the cancellations, but hopefully nothing bad happened with either! (Updated at 11:26 PM)

These are disappointing for sure (and oddly coincidental), especially if you were hoping for these shows to ring in 2013 for the local metal scene today, but I'm sure we'll see both Caveman Morrison & The Suicide Kings back soon! In the latter's case, they'll make their Docks debut next weekend, but I'll keep you guys posted when Caveman Morrison's next show is announced! Now, let's move on to a concert that hasn't been cancelled, so here's what you need to know!

With today's cancellations, the first confirmed heavier show of 2013 goes down one week from today, and it involves the return of local grunge quartet Haggith to the concert stage! According to a post on their Facebook page yesterday, the guys will make their first live concert appearance of 2013 at The Speak Easy at Algoma University on January 11th, which will mark their first ever show at that venue. Disregard that the post hyping this show labels it as happening next Saturday, that's an error as far as I can tell. Though full details have yet to be made public, this actually has been alluded to on band pages in the past, as Haggith had hyped an upcoming Algoma University gig back in September via this photo, so this has been in the works! According to Facebook, this concert will have an oddly early start time of 8:30 PM, with no cover charge or potential age limits announced yet. Check the above links for more details! Even with minimal information as of yet, it will be nice to see Haggith back on stage after a month and a half away, and I wonder if this will coincide with the "Flight 75" CD release? Stay tuned for updates as they come in!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news stories from the last little while (two of which involve brothers/bandmates), and as always, these are in alphabetical order by band or artist name:

  • Redundant bassist James White revealed on the Musicians Wanted Facebook group on Christmas Eve that he was hoping to start/join a new local band. He's vetoed doing genres already being done locally for this project (i.e. not classic rock, 1980s metal, or punk), but this could still skew heavier if you have the right genres in mind, so message James on Facebook via the above links if you're interested!
  • Local thrash metal band Pillory have revealed that they will move forward as a band following the passing of guitarist Andres Duchesne last month, and they are currently looking for a new guitarist to fill the void. According to their Facebook page, they'd prefer a lead guitarist who's into thrash metal, and if you want to audition or know someone who might fit, feel free to message them at the above links. It'll be tough to replace Andres for sure, but hopefully they find the right person for the job!
  • Frightlight/T-Rex Manning frontman J.D. Pearce is looking for donations from local bands & businesses towards Frightlight bandmate Rick White's upcoming stag & doe on February 16th, as the original prizes for it were ruined in a "natural disaster" in his garage recently. You guys can help make up for the losses by donating some merchandise or wares for Rick's stag & doe, so message J.D. at this location if you can help, and best of luck to Rick on his upcoming nuptials!

 That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes hopefully this weekend! Thanks everyone!

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