Tuesday, January 15, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Banned) And New Queensryche Videos!!

Well, my plans for Sault Ontario news today somewhat got overshadowed, as today's post is very similar to yesterday's in content, so if you're a fan of Banned and Queensryche, good news! Nothing new related to Absolute though. This 100% Sault Michigan post features all of the latest videos from Saturday night's Queensryche concert (and there's a lot more), but first, here's some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for across the river!!

Kinross hard rockers Banned have announced their first concerts of 2013, starting with what I think are their first ever live concerts THIS WEEKEND at Dondee Lanes! I can't find any proof that the Traynors and company have ever played a public show at the South Mackinaw Trail venue/bowling alley, so this will be very cool to see them rocking out at The Dondee on Friday & Saturday night! Following this weekend's gigs, they also confirmed a full weekend slate of concerts on February 15th & 16th, when they return to The Runway Bar in Hessel on the 15th and Todd's Tavern in Moran on the 16th! The Runway Bar gig will be their first show in Hessel in almost 3 months, while the Todd's Tavern date will be their first since New Year's Eve. Also, I'd assume these will be without guitarist Alex Schrovenwever again due to out of town college commitments, following his show with them over the holidays. All of these shows have no announced cover charge and 21+ age limits, and the start times for them are 8:00 PM (save for the Hessel show, which starts at 9:00 PM.) For more details, visit Banned's Facebook page!

It's great to see Banned rocking the area again (especially following their Manistique show last weekend, which is a bit far), and hopefully they deliver great nights of hard rocking covers and originals this weekend and next month! Stay tuned for updates and possible new shows as they roll in!

The rest of this post concerns even more videos from the Queensryche concert at The Dreammaker's Theater at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino on Saturday, so if you missed it or wanna relive the action, we have even more footage to share, all as uploaded yesterday! First, we have four videos from YouTube user WIRycheFan62, who has uploaded a number of metal concert videos from the midwest onto his channel. These videos are of Queensryche playing their songs "Take Hold of the Flame", "Warning", "I Don't Believe In Love", and (as embedded below) "Child of Fire", so click each link to give them a look! WIRycheFan62 was in the front row, and his high quality camera adds to that nicely for a great vantage point of the band, but the audio quality suffers from his location, as singer Todd La Torre's vocals are extremely hard to hear. He cited where he was seated compared to the speakers for that, and while the quiet vocals are a disappointment, the quality & musical talent is otherwise excellent! I've embedded the longest of WIRycheFan62's videos ("Child of Fire") below, but give the rest of his videos a look above!

Also in new Queensryche videos are two clips from YouTube user Christopher Paci, who you may remember as an uploader of videos from last year's Buckcherry & Evans Blue shows at Kewadin Casino. This time, Chris filmed Queensryche playing "The Needle Lies" and (as embedded below) their concert opening song "Queen of the Reich", so what should you know about these videos? Chris was much further from the stage, and his camera work is noticeably jittier, but he still gets a good angle of the band, and Todd's vocals are much louder, so that's a bonus! If you can look past the somewhat muffled audio, you'll find some good quality stuff, so check out "Queen of the Reich" below, and the rest of Chris' videos above!

Finally for today, we have a single Queensryche video from attendee Kendall Jung (his first concert video, in fact), and this is of Queensryrche playing their classic "Silent Lucidity" at the show! Like the other new videos, it's in HD dimensions, and though he's similarly placed to WIRycheFan62, the vocals are fairly clear and loud! Maybe as a ballad, it helps to hear everything. The quality is great, but motions on the camera seem oddly jittery for some reason. Very nice though, so check out his "Silent Lucidity" video below, and don't forget about Danykins77's videos from the show either!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes shortly, and I promise (barring a Queensryche upload spree) we'll have new Sault Ontario stuff in our next post! Thanks everyone!

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