Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blood Shed Productions Video Showcase!!

Today's SMS post is devoted to local independent goregrind label Blood Shed Productions, including videos from one of their recent house party events and an interview that I'm surprised fell through the cracks, so here's what you should know! In terms of the new concert videos, these were uploaded to the label's YouTube channel on Tuesday, all coming from their private house party concert last week (referred to as Phat Boii's Basement Jam, as it was at held at the local rapper's house.) One of the videos is of solo goregrind project Crucify The Whore playing two songs (whose names aren't here as they may be seen as offensive), and this is a solid C.T.W. performance with a small but boisterous crowd! If you like Blood Shed bands, this will be up your alley, and it's well-lit too, so give this new C.T.W. video a look below! (For reference, the announced Menstrual Munchies private concert from this past Thursday was cancelled, as the headliners couldn't make it into the country.)

Also among the new videos is Crucify the Whore frontman Tyler Gibson's death metal duo Brutally Fatal playing their song "Stomp Your Feet" at the same private show, though this time, it's on a stationary camera (maybe frontman Austin McCrae was manning the camera for C.T.W.?) Still a fun song and easy to shout along with, but fans of Tyler and Austin's death metal work may prefer other songs, and the atmosphere isn't the same with a stationary camera that doesn't point at any fans. Give Brutally Fatal's new video a watch below!

Finally for this show (and post), we'll look at Tyler's other two man band, goregrind duo Rotopsy, who were the focus of two videos from this basement jam, including two songs at this link (the song names may be offensive), and as embedded below, their track "Swamp Donkey", both with an actively moving camera to capture the environment! Nice crowd involvement and intensity, but at times, the cameraman was too tight to the band, and the music can be a bit scratchy at higher volumes. Solid and fun for Blood Shed loyalists, so check out these new Rotopsy videos to see what you missed!

Finally for today, we'll stay with Rotopsy for a long overdue look at an interview that they did in March! We had heard about this at the time, but it slipped us by until now, possibly as it was uploaded to a separate "Bloodshed Weekly" YouTube channel rather than the label's main channel. In the spring, the aforementioned Austin McCrae masterminded a YouTube interview series for Blood Shed artists called "20 Minutes of Bloodshed" which only got to two episodes before apparently falling dormant. The first episode is an interview with Phat Boii, and the second (and final?) being with Rotopsy, so what should you know on it? Complete with a theme song apparently performed by Austin, the naturally 20 minute interview features Tyler Gibson and frontman Dylan Taylor talking about the band's formation at Spitneck, keeping the band's music separate from C.T.W.'s, their favourite set, work on their most recent disc, and their use of face masks, before a commercial for their new CD!

The second half features the guys talking about upcoming festival gigs and the possible cancellation of Das Bunkerfest II, and the band's biggest fan, but there are some irreverent, risque, and controversial questions within, and very candid answers, so keep that in mind before watching, especially if you might be easily offended. A third episode with rapper Mikey Thomas was teased at the end, but that never came (yet?) This is an interesting, if provocative interview that Rotopsy fans should like, but again, be wary of some of the questions & answers, especially late, and the video quality isn't perfect. Check it out below if you want!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes in the coming week, plus this month's CD review! Thanks everyone!

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