Monday, June 22, 2015

Tidal Records' Go Skateboarding Day Concert Review!!

Hey guys, it's now time for our review of yesterday's Go Skateboarding Day events from Tidal Records, a free & all ages event featuring skateboarding contests, giveaways, demonstrations, and live music at the skate park at Queen Elizabeth Park outside of The John Rhodes Community Centre. Very solid turnout for the event, be you a skater, fan, or both, and while I'm not a scholar of skateboarding culture beyond Tony Hawk video games, the boarders (including Id Iota's Christian Lemay and The Pixo Control's Steve Edwards) were having fun and showed off their skills! There were lots of vendors on site, a bunch of skateboarding contests for sponsor merchandise and prizes, and in a lucky break, excellent weather, with a nice cool breeze throughout the day and not a drop of rain to be seen. I did get a mild sunburn on my face somehow, but weather-wise, this might be the most comfortable outdoor concert that I've ever attended in the Soo!

In terms of the music, the day began with Shane "DJ Seith" Erickson spinning his fan favourite turntable mixes, which also returned between later bands, though his advertised joint set with rapper Conika didn't occur (Shane told me she had been sick, though no word on if she performed at last night's IRN show.) Disappointing, but she'll be back! DJ Seith was his usual strong self, even mixing the same song with itself with ease, and he seemed to get a solid response throughout the day! Look for him at more upcoming events, and thanks again for the copy of his "Motor Mix" CD!

First of the day's three bands were new glam metal/power pop trio Caroline Divine in their first ever outdoor concert, and the first time that I've gotten a chance to see them, so what can we now say about the Frasiers successors? As was the case with their Lopstock video, I get the vibe of a hybrid between the glam/punk sound of the defunct local band Dirty Virgin (complete with a similar on-stage look), with the modern indie/alternative sensibility of a band like Gnaeus, which is a mix that works well for them! Song names mostly were unannounced by the band (an exception being a self-titled song), but Caroline Divine showcased the talent that made The Frasiers well liked, but I do like the new band better than the old, and guitar Anthony Marcello has a solid voice for their sound! The guys should work on their stage presence and crowd banter a bit, but they're on their way!

Co-headlining yesterday were Tidal Records' own alternative/hard rock trio The Pixo Control, who were up to their usual high standards during their set! Though abbreviated from what was on their setlists, the guys powered through familiar hits like "Sixty Extra Chances Called Minutes", "Reasons", and "Scratch" during their energetic set, with Michael Mikus again showcasing his grungy voice and strong guitar talent, and Keeghan Rosso more than holding his own on drums! I would also add that The Pixo Control's sound felt the most like "skateboarding music" of the three bands, which isn't a bad thing, as it added an extra element to the skating acting at that point of the day (and the two group photographs on the stage, which was at the top of one of the ramps.) The Pixo Control have a great thing going, and hopefully we hear much more from them through the summer!

And your headliners yesterday were local metal quartet Garden of Bedlam, in their first concert (not counting stag & does) since December 2013! Buzz alluded to this during their set, referencing Tidal Records helping get them out of their "temporary hiatus", but he assured us that they're stronger than ever and not going anywhere. Hopefully that's true, the guys have been missed! Garden of Bedlam stuck with familiar originals like "Shallow", "Torment", and "Your Disgrace" yesterday, though Deftones and Volbeat covers also found their way onto their set, which all seemed to get a good response! Buzz sounded a little rough around the edges at times, but it was great to see the guys back after way too long, and Josh Belleau lit it up on guitar, and his cousin Evan was as strong on bass as ever! Very solid return set from Garden of Bedlam, and here's hoping they're back soon!

Overall, this was a fun concert with a unique atmosphere, and kudos to Dustin Jones and Tidal Records for putting this on, fingers crossed that it becomes an annual event! Look for more coverage of this event on other media sources too (Donna Hopper from SooToday was there, for example), and you can check out our photos from Go Skateboarding Day at this link or at our Facebook page, complete with special angle shots to make use of the open location and skateboarders. As for our Facebook videos, here's DJ Seith during his opening set, Caroline Divine playing an original song (name unclear), The Pixo Control playing "Land of the Moles", and Garden of Bedlam playing "Against the Grain"!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for this month's YouTube Channel Profile either tonight or tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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