Wednesday, June 24, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Ten Kings And RPM) & Go Skateboarding Day Coverage!!

Before we begin previewing this weekend's hard rock concerts, here's a new news post for your Wednesday afternoon, and remember not to miss TONIGHT'S Teethmarks concert at The Rednecks Saloon! Today, we have lots of recent media coverage from a big all ages concert event this past weekend, and first, LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for the next two months, so here's what you should know!

Sault Michigan hard rock quartet Ten Kings will return to The Savoy Bar & Nightclub next weekend for concerts on Friday, July 3rd & Saturday, July 4th, albeit outdoors! Like last summer, The Savoy is again hosting outdoor shows behind the bar under their "Summerfest" branding, as per their Facebook page, with Traverse City's Scarkazm kicking things off this weekend, and given the summer season, why not take advantage of the weather with shows on their outdoor stage? These will be Ten Kings' first shows at The Savoy since indoor gigs earlier this month, and will ironically come one week after THIS SATURDAY'S set at Lake Superior State University at their own unrelated Summerfest event, which we'll preview in the coming days. Next weekend's Savoy shows have no cover charge, 10:00 PM start times, and 21+ age limits, but as these are outdoors, follow the weather just in case. Click here for more details on their Fourth of July weekend shows, and stay tuned for our full preview of LSSU's Summerfest!

Next up, you know how The Roberta Bondar Pavilion in Sault Ontario hosts live bands in FREE concerts on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer? Well, that doesn't usually cross our radar given the bands that play it, but there is one exception on Thursday, August 20th, as local classic/hard rock quartet RPM will play the Pavilion on that day! Our source is this Sault Online article, which also lists a full schedule for the outdoor concert series this year, which mostly feature classic rock, country, and traditional bands. As you may remember, RPM are the sporadically seen band featuring bassist Lindsay Pugh and musicians from his own adult music camp, and you may have seen them at the 2013 Rock For Dimes and scattered Rockstar Bar shows. They're an improving band, and hopefully their show in August at The Roberta Bondar Pavilion will be huge for them!

This is a FREE & ALL AGES show, but no start time is listed (the shows are in the daytime though.) Click here for more details, and stay tuned for more from RPM as we hear it!

We'll close today with lots of recent coverage of Sunday's Go Skateboardng Day festivities from Tidal Records at Queen Elizabeth Park! Local2 was on hand to film the skaters for this video, which we can't embed here, but what can be seen in there? Lots of skating action from the local skaters who came out, plus interview remarks from Tidal Records owner Dustin Jones and skate team member/Id Iota frontman Christian Lemay, and while there is video footage of each band, only Caroline Divine get included audio. A brief clip near the end also appears to show local beatboxer Killabeatz on the mic, so he must have performed before I got there or right at the end. The video is excellently done, featuring multiple great angles of the skaters in action (and the bands), including GoPro footage and even video from a drone! This is a great showcase of Go Skate Day, so click here to give it a look! SooToday's Donna Hopper was on hand for this article as well, so what lies within?

The article includes some of the tricks of note that skaters performed on Saturday, and general details on the event (though Conika is still listed as performing despite missing the event due to illness.) Donna also got some excellent photos from the event, including six from Garden of Bedlam's headlining set and one of DJ Seith, but photos of the other bands weren't included. The focus was the skateboarders, and rightfully so, as this was a great day for everyone to show their skills and have fun, and I hope this returns next year! No word on if Donna did a Tuned episode on Saturday (it'd be neat to see Garden of Bedlam in one finally), but check out Donna's full photo album & article at this link! We'll close with a video that we can embed here, courtesy of skater Dalton Hermiston's YouTube channel on Monday, and it focuses on skateboarding action during The Pixo Control's set, complete with audio, but again, the skaters rightfully get focus in the video, and Dalton's footage is solid!

Go Skateboarding Day was a fun time, and it's great to see the music and skateboarding communities colliding for a great afternoon of entertainment, so check out all of the recent media coverage above, and here's Dalton's YouTube video from Sunday!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for weekend concert previews next! Thanks everyone!

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