Monday, June 1, 2015

Jack Spades/Destroilet/Pixo Control Concert Review!!

At last, here's our review of Saturday night's "Punkrocknrollforareason" concert at The Algonquin Pub, as Destroilet and Jack Spades joined forces to raise funds for their upcoming split album with The Ripcordz! To that end, there was a pre-order sheet at the show, with some band merchandise also available, and a painting from new Destroilet co-singer Brenton Ellis as a door prize for one randomly drawn fan that donated. Hopefully a big dent was made for the album funding, especially courtesy of the decent sized crowd, but how about the concert itself?

Opening the show was young local alternative/hard rock trio The Pixo Control in their Algonquin Pub debut, and while they're not on the upcoming split album, they left another huge impression on fans with their skilled and entertaining originals that called to mind early 1990s alternative and grunge rock! Playing songs like "The Great Salute To Radio Edits", "Call Me A Liar", and their newest "Growing Pains", the guys stayed true to their recent live experience and rising profile, with Michael Mikus' explosive stage presence ever present, and Steve Edwards coming more and more into his own on bass! I did miss the slowed down "Twist and Shout" cover, and I think Michael should work on chatting between songs more rather than just going from one song to another, but The Pixo Control are more than on their way, and be sure to check out their own fundraiser at The Rankin Arena next weekend!

Co-headlining on Saturday were local hardcore punk sextet Destroilet in their first show of the year and just their second with new co-lead singer Brenton Ellis (of Detroit and Lion Ride fame), and after a mixed reception to their new lineup's debut in December, everything I saw and heard indicated a big improvement on that set! In terms of their set's format, Brent and original frontman Mike Hull sang lead simultaneously on each song rather than trading off, and if you thought Mike was all over the stage before, Brent was equally so, even jumping onto the speakers on multiple occasions! Their set (including new songs like "Heavy Artillery" and classics like "Eternal Fire") was explosive and chaotic, just as it should be, and fans definitely were all in for Destroilet's return, with Chris and John solid on guitar in particular! Solid return to form for Destroilet, and hopefully we hear more soon!

And finally, your headliners were local punk/metal quintet Jack Spades, who were at their usual entertainment and intensity level to end the night! Playing originals like "Fear Corps" & "Motorwolf" plus covers of The Misfits and Turbonegro, all bookended by the songs from their EP "The First", Jack Spades kept the good vibes going with talent, a fun spirit, and even some guest spots on covers by Destroilet members! J.D. Pearce's aggressive vocals soared nicely through their set, Justin Lam's bass was on fire, and both Jesse Cook and Tiffany Stocco kept thing rolling with solid riffs and solos! Recently hinting at a road trip to Toronto this fall to open for The Misfits, Jack Spades delivered a great set on the next step towards completion of their split CD, and hopefully we hear more as that plan progresses over the summer!

Overall, this was a great concert, and thanks to everyone there for all of the birthday wishes, as I turned 26 shortly before Destroilet's set! Also, I wasn't able to get upstairs to check out Lucky 13's tribute show for Scott McLurg, but what I heard from the stairwell sounded good, and hopefully Scott's back before we know it! You can check out our photos and videos from the concert at this link or via our Facebook page, and as for videos, here's The Pixo Control playing "Sixty Extra Chances Called Minutes", Destroilet covering The Rebel Spell's "Murderers" as a tribute to the late Todd Serious, and Jack Spades playing their song "Negative Headspace"!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's "Where Are The New Albums?" post TOMORROW! Thanks everyone!

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