Thursday, June 11, 2015

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Lucky 13 & Tym Morrison) And The First Of This Weekend's Concert Previews!!

For at least the next two posts, we're focusing on this weekend's hard rock and punk concert previews, but with a busy weekend ahead, we're splitting things up into two posts: Thursday & Friday nighters here and Saturday concerts either tonight or tomorrow morning, with SHORT NOTICE LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS to be in both. Before we get too far ahead, remember that the auditions for the local stage production of The Who's Tommy (featuring That's Chester as the house band) will take place TOMORROW & FRIDAY at Superior Heights Collegiate, so click here for more details! Now, here's what you should know for these first previews!

Prolific local solo singer/guitarist Tym Morrison will keep his busy schedule going this weekend, as his weekly arrangement at The Harp Bar & Grill continues TOMORROW NIGHT, but before then, he'll also play Gliss Steak & Seafood for a second straight week TONIGHT! Apologies for the short notice on tonight's Gliss show, that was only announced via it's Facebook event page yesterday. As of this writing, he's only back at The Quality Inn's restaurant for tonight rather than all weekend, and there's no indication yet that he has a new regular weekly run at Gliss, but his shows there last week obviously went well, so keep TONIGHT'S show in mind if you want some entertaining acoustic hard rock at supper time! Of course, his regular Harp show is tomorrow as well for fans of his usual shows, but note that he is not playing there Saturday night due to The Harp's broadcast of UFC 188.

For reference, Tym is among the lineup of this year's Ride For Autism event, and we will preview that in our next post to spread everything out. TONIGHT'S Gliss show has a 6:00 PM start time, and has no announced cover or age limits (but keep the restuarant setting in mind), while TOMORROW'S Harp show is at 10:00 PM with no cover and a 19+ age limit. For more details, click here & see above, and here's Tym Morrison live at the former Smack Daddy's!

Next up, local classic/hard rock quartet Lucky 13 will return to The Rockstar Bar TOMORROW NIGHT for one night only! Apologies for the short notice, this show was announced via it's Facebook event page on Sunday, but we held it for this weekend's previews. A one-nighter due to Saturday night's Cherry Crush concert, tomorrow's Lucky 13 gig keeps their recent busy streak going, following their fill-in at The Rockstar Bar two weeks ago, and their Rednecks Saloon gigs last weekend (apologies again for missing them), so if you haven't gotten a chance to hear their alt-rock covers on stage recently, here's your next best chance! TOMORROW'S show has a 19+ age limit, no announced cover charge (but bring cash just in case), and a 10:30 PM start time. For more details, visit the above links, and here's Lucky 13 live last year!

Moving to previously announced concerts, local alternative hard rock trio The Pixo Control will headline a big fundraiser event TOMORROW NIGHT at The Rankin Arena at 17 Batchewana Street! Entitled "Pixo Plays For Food", the event is designed to help The Pixo Control raise funds to both release their debut CD and launch their first ever tour later this year. To that end, the show will also feature free pizza, games, prize draws (including from The Rad Zone), and a cash bar, while The Pixo Control will of course be playing a headlining set. Opening the fundraiser are Frasiers successors Caroline Divine in just their third concert appearance, so keep their glam metal/power pop hybrid in mind as the event kicks off! Public ticket sales ended on Tuesday, but this 19+ fundraiser still lists a $15 door charge for tomorrow night, which has an 8:00 PM start time. For more details on Pixo Plays For Food, visit the official Facebook event page!

A fundraiser concert of this scale from a local hard rock band is something we haven't seen in a few years (Garden of Bedlam and Stillbroke had notable ones in their prime), so hopefully The Pixo Control have a huge turnout and put a huge dent into their album & tour funding plans! Get more details on Pixo Plays For Food above, don't miss tomorrow's event, and here's the guys live at The New A earlier this month!

Finally for this preview post, we'll head down to Sault Michigan, where local hard rock trio Power Slug are scheduled to rock The Rapids Lounge at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino TOMORROW & SATURDAY NIGHT! Last seen at the Soo Kewadin about 3 months ago, we haven't seen much of Chris, Bob, and Chris in our neck of the woods in recent months (barring unannounced or missed gigs), so if you've missed their aggressive and fan favourite covers this year, a trip to The Rapids Lounge wouldn't be a bad idea! Maybe the I.S.O.M. reunion has been taking up some of their recent time? Note that the band's Facebook page hasn't plugged this weekend's shows as of this writing, but they are listed on Kewadin's entertainment page, so there's our source. Power Slug should be on at 9:00, there's no announced cover charges, and you must be 21 to attend. For more details, visit the above links, and here's Power Slug live at The Savoy!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for more concert previews and late notice announcements next! Thanks everyone!

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