Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Correction, Reminders, and IT at Glastonbury?

First off for this post, I have a correction to make. I had mentioned that tonight's Great White concert was their first ever show in the Sault area in my concert previews post. Well, as it turns out, they've been here before! They were actually the support band for Alice Cooper when he came here on January 1, 1990! Thanks to Kevin Powe for the info, I'm honestly surprised I didn't catch that in my searching! And if anyone else notices something incorrect, missing, or unstated anywhere on either this blog or the Facebook page, don't hesitate to tell me!

Well everyone, so concludes a busy weekend of local concerts! Of course, if you went to see either Great White, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Jager 4.0, Shift, or The Issues, let me know either through Facebook, or at! Now as of today, your next local metal concerts are on January 23rd and 24th, when Graveyard Tan return to The Satisfied Frog for a pair of weekend dates!

As for Sault Ontario, I have got absolutely nothing. If you know of, are playing on, are promoting, or are attending a concert up here that I don't know about, let me know through the same contact links I provided in the last paragraph!

Now, I know this isn't entirely "metal", so to speak, but this does involve two members of Gates of Winter/Woods of Ypres, so I can't let this slide! You guys remember IT, the partly-local, partly-UK based progressive rock band that features both GoW/WoP guitarist Bryan Belleau and keyboardist Brian Holmes among it's Canadian lineup? Well, they have a chance to play the Glastonbury Music Festival in England this June! But they need YOUR help!

IT have entered's 5th Annual Emerging Talent Competition, and the winner heads to Glastonbury! If you want to help IT reach the next stage of the competition, visit IT's E.T.C. page to show your support! Essentially, your page visits will contribute to the final judging to pick the top 11 bands for the final vote, with a 12th to be picked via a poll next month! So in other words, visit that page often to help their cause! The 12 finalists will play a 20 minute set for the judges in March, where the winner will be added to the Glastonbury lineup! Frontman Nick Jackson hopes that Brian and Bryan can make it if they win, and here's hoping everything goes well for IT! Check out Donna Hopper's page on this news at this location!

That's all for tonight, I think, but keep your browsers pointed here for any metal news as I hear about it!

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