Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, Weekend Concert Previews, and more!

Hello all, it's time for your local concert previews for this weekend! But first, LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!!

Pickford Michigan hard rockers Absolute are playing at The Bird in Sault Michigan on February 6th and 7th at 10:00 PM! Nice to see The Bird putting on shows again, I hadn't heard much from that venue in a while! Absolute sound pretty good, check out some of their covers at their Myspace page! Also, Absolute are NOT playing at Dondee Lanes this weekend, just the next band we're gonna talk about will be!

Now, before the local concert previews, I got a little something to clear up. The Sault Michigan hard rock band I've been calling "Jager 4.0" are actually just called Jager. But when their Myspace and it's URL are referred to as "Jager 4.0", it's easy to miss. So my apologies, I've fixed the name throughout the page! Check out Jager too, they got some great sounding stuff on their Myspace as well!

Now that I have that cleared up, HERE's the local concert preview for this weekend! Jager are back this weekend at The Sportsman's Lounge at Dondee Lanes! They will be playing there at 8:00 PM tomorrow night and Saturday night! If you wanna check out a preview of a Jager live show, here's a video of them performing Finger Eleven's "Paralyzer"!

December 15th, 2007

Also, a couple local bands are hitting the road for concerts out of town this weekend! Sault Ontario's own Lion Ride are playing in Toronto at The Bovine Sex Club with Common Dears on Saturday night, followed by a show in London at Call The Office with The Saigon Hookers the next day! Meanwhile, in the Detroit area, Sault Michigan's own Bad Side will take the stage at TNT's Bar in Clinton Township, supporting SkinDeep! Best of luck to both bands on their road trips!

We're not done yet though, I got some more news! First off, the Guttershark/Callahan show on March 9th is definitely CONFIRMED! Callahan updated their concert dates on their Myspace and the show is listed! So for all you hardcore fans, you might wanna check this one out! It will be held at The Oddfellows Hall, and will start at around 7:00 PM that night!

Also, the official poster for the March 11th Carnifex show has been posted on Facebook! What you guys think? A little dark, but it looks nice!

I also posted the Battle of the Bands on March 20th in the concert listings! I've been noticing a few local metal/hard rock band members showing some interest over at the Facebook event page, which is a great sign! Chance for prizes and exposure + good music = a worthwhile show, don't you think? Plus, there's that rock opera too! Sounds like an interesting show!

That's all I got for now, stay tuned for more metal news!

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