Thursday, January 15, 2009

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!! (Upheaval of an Exorcist)

Ok, I was wrong, I actually DO have something new to mention today! And, it just happens to be a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT! So, let's get things going!

On February 20th, Sudbury-based death metal band Upheaval of an Exorcist will return to Sault Ontario! However, this show will take place at The Lock City Grand Theater on Queen Street! If you saw these guys at the Blessed By A Broken Heart show this month, you should know what to expect, but if not, head over to their official MySpace page to check out some of their originals!

Support will come from local punk band The Fury (They're the ones with two bassists and no guitarist, from Sick Jams For Sick Kids), as well as Jordan Flesher and Good Morning Gorillas (I don't know much about these acts, any help?) This show will be put on by Big Voiced Records, in celebration of owner Jeremy Hannah's 19th birthday party! Ticket prices and additional info have yet to be announced, but the Facebook event page indicates a start time of around 6:30 PM!

Also, I have placed the Facebook group for Big Voiced Records in the Other Local Metal Links section, so now it will be even more convenient to get there from here! Now, I'm pretty sure that's all for today, so have a good one, and remember to check out this weekend's concert previews immediately below this post!

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