Saturday, January 24, 2009

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!! (Carnifex), And More!

Guess what?! I have a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!! So here's what you need to know!

San Diego-based death metal band Carnifex are coming to Sault Ontario! And if you're a fan of death metal, this should be the show for you! Support bands will be Montreal's own Blind Witness and The Last Felony, as well as (once again), Upheaval Of An Exorcist! This show is scheduled to take place on March 11, at 7:00, and tickets will be just $10 in advance, $15 at the door!

Now, you might have noticed that I didn't mention a venue. That's because there isn't one confirmed yet. The Facebook event page suggests that it might be at The Lock City Grand Theater, but no specific venue is confirmed as of yet! When one is, I'll let you guys know!

Now, some other random updates. First off, I removed the Myspace page for Sault Michigan's The Grape Slushies from the Local Metal Band Links. This is due to a 4 year inactivity, a change of location to Illinois, and what appears to be a genre change as well. So, if you noticed they were gone, that's why!

And, I have added seven concerts to the Out Of Town Concert listings! Shift are playing seven new concerts in Sault Michigan this year, four in February, one in April, and two in July! Also, Integrated System of Machines will be playing at this year's Carnival of Chaos in Stanton, Micgigan! To get full dates, head on over to the Out of Town Concert Listings at the right of this page, and to their respective Myspace pages!

And finally, if you guys went to see Nixxon Dixxon or Graveyard Tan this weekend, let me know with a blog comment, through Facebook, or at! As for me, I WILL be at the Ministry of Zen/Fingerbone show tonight, with a full review and photos planned for my return, so keep your browsers pointed here!

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