Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Local Band Discovery/Locals Playing Out of Town Concerts!

I'm really getting myself caught up on some stuff today, so excuse the numerous posts this weekend! But I did some searching, and found some updates you all might be interested in!

First off, I came across a local metal band I have skipped over a few times in my searching! They are Dreamscape, a funk/alternative metal band from Sault Ontario! Dreamscape feature "Funkadelic Fois" (who also has a solo song, Changes, on their PureVolume page), "Metal Mike", and "Big Al" in it's ranks! The quality of the recordings isn't great, but if you look past that, their songs sound alright! I don't think the band is active any more, but they're definitely a local metal band with originals, so they're in the Local Band Listings now! Go check out their PureVolume page at this location!

Now, onto another admittance of my negligence. You know Bad Side, the classic metal band that you might remember from tons of dates at Kewadin Casino, as well as last year's Bell Border Jam? Well, they're from Sault Michigan originally! I really should have known that, but when there's no reference to them being specifically from the Sault area on their sites, it's hard to tell. Oh well, now I'm even more up to speed on this great band! And, they're now in the Local Band Links too! My apologies for missing them for this long!

Now knowing that they're definitely locals, I can inform you guys that they've got tons of shows scheduled at the Kewadin Casino in St. Ignace as well! Bad Side will be playing in St. Ignace on January 23rd and 24th, as well as weekend sets in May, July, August, and November! But the biggest show of all for Bad Side is on January 31st, when they take the stage at TNT’s Bar in Clinton Township (outside Detroit), as direct support for Detroit hard rockers SkinDeep! It's great to see Bad Side doing so many shows all over the place, as they're a really good band!

Also, another Sault Michigan band are heading to the Metro Detroit region this month! Integrated System of Machines will be a part of this year's Motor City Metalfest on January 24th at the legendary Harpo's Concert Theater in Detroit, along with 19 other bands! Integrated System of Machines (or I.S.O.M.) are a fantastic death metal band, with some really awesome original tracks! Hopefully they'll play some more local shows in the near future!

That should be about all for this post! Also, thanks to Chris Rancourt over at Northern Rocks Magazine for the support he's already been showing The Sault Metal Scene!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great support you give to the local metal! Horns up!!!

The Sault Metal Scene said...

No problem at all! I hope to see you guys live real soon!