Friday, January 2, 2009

The First Concert Previews of 2009!

Another year has begun, and as such, the first run of local concerts for 2009 begin tonight! So, as such, here's the rundown for the three local metal concerts taking place this weekend!

First off, Sault Michigan's own Jager 4.0 kick off a year's worth of dates tonight at Dondee Lanes! They will also be playing there tomorrow night, with both shows starting at 8:00! Jager 4.0 will return to Dondee Lanes on January 30th for two weekend dates with Absolute, followed by two more shows in late February!
Just as a side note, Dondee Lanes is of course, the bowling alley for Sault Michigan, but they don't just have bowling. They have a fully functional lounge and sports bar, as well as live entertainment every weekend! Their concert listings haven't been updated since October, but they seem to have metal bands on a decent basis. It's my negligence for not knowing about their concerts before recently, so I'll definitely keep an eye on Dondee Lanes from here on out! Head on over to for more info!

And finally, I'm not even sure of the authenticity of this show, but it is listed with address and price, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Local metal band The Issues will apparently be playing a show at Greg's Guitar Shop on Sunday. However, the listed address (2345 Wellington Street East) does not register on Mapquest, so I really don't know. If this is a real concert, it's slated to begin at 12:00 with $5 admission. But they are definitely a real band, with 4 decent demo tracks on their Myspace page, which you can check out at this location!

So there's your local concert preview for this weekend, hopefully I'll have some more updates and news to share very soon! And I've changed my official contact e-mail, so if you have any inquiries, questions, suggestions, or messages, send em to!

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