Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Assortment of Updates!

So, hows everyone doing? February's done, March is here, and I got a bunch of random updates!

It's the beginning of the month, so as usual, the new issue of Northern Rocks Magazine is now in your inboxes! There isn't a terribly large amount of local metal stuff to speak of, but there's a few things! Rude Poloponortio reviewed We, The Undersigned's self-titled album, giving it 4 stars! Remember, they're still looking for a venue for a potential show in Sault Ste. Marie later this year, so if you're interested, send them a message on MySpace! It also still lists the Callahan show as taking place in the concert listings, so just in case you got confused, it still is cancelled, it just wasn't removed yet.

Now, I don't read the newspaper much, but I heard from more than one person about this story, so I figure it's worth mentioning! Apparently, in a recent issue of Sault This Week, it mentioned bands rumored to be in the works for The Essar Centre in the coming year. It mentioned Brooks and Dunn, ZZ Top, and The Blue Man Group, while Slipknot were curiously not named. Hopefully they're still in the works, I know it'd be a success if held!

But what got me from the named bands was The Beastie Boys. Yeah, I know they're a rap band, but keep in mind, they have some hard rock/metal songs, like "Fight For Your Right" and "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" (which of course featured Slayer guitarist Kerry King)! Now if true, I'm sure a few of you guys (myself included) might be interested in going to see The Beastie Boys in Sault Ste. Marie! So I'd say, if you wanna see this show if it occurs, head on over to The Essar Centre's Facebook group and show your support. DO THE SAME FOR SLIPKNOT TOO, LET'S BRING THEM HERE!!

And finally, I forgot to mention this earlier, but Sault Michigan's own Shift were in Christmas, Michigan at Foggy's Bar for two shows this past weekend! Hopefully they both went well! That's all for now, stay tuned for more local metal news! And remember, SKID ROW on Thursday night at Kewadin Casino!!!

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