Saturday, March 14, 2009

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, A "New" Local Band Discovery, and more!!!

Big post today, I have a new band for the links section, some house cleaning items, and a few random updates, but first, there's some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!!!

Sault Michigan classic hard rockers Bad Side have scheduled two more dates at The Rapids Lounge at Kewadin Casino for May 1st and 2nd! Both shows will take place at 9:00 PM! But before that, don't forget that Bad Side still have two shows on the weekend of April 10th! They're a great band, and as always, I recommend you check them out at their official MySpace page!

...speaking of Bad Side, they've also scheduled some more out of town dates, so here's where they're going next! On April 17th, they'll return to TNT's Bar in Clinton Township, Michigan, for a show where they'll back up Detroit rockabilly band The Orbitsuns! Also, they are playing two "private showcases" in Traverse City on May 29 and 30, but as they are private, I won't put those two dates in the concert listings! But, the show in Clinton Township is, so check it out!

We're not done with local metal bands on the road though! I haven't talked much about Sault Michigan hard rockers Clownsack lately cause they've been looking for a drummer and haven't done too much new stuff. But, that all changes next month! Clownsack have found a drummer, and they'll be playing at a big show in St. Helen, Michigan, on May 23rd! They'll be supporting West Virginia metal band Bobaflex, among other bands!

You guys should all check out Clownsack, they're a very entertaining band, and they have a pretty good profile around the area! They have an album, they have some great sounding originals, and they even were the support band for KISS when they came to Kewadin Casino in 2007! So head on over to their official MySpace page and their official website!

Ok, now onto other news! In my ongoing quest to find and document as many local metal/hard rock bands as I can to share with you metalheads, I have found a band that's been inactive for almost 5 years! However, their page lives on! They were The Drift, a hard rock quintet from Sault Ontario! You might remember them from various performances at the Dunnplugged shows at Sir James Dunn C&VS, as well as a number of concerts from the early 2000s at Foggy Notions! There's a bunch of live pictures, band bios, and original song lyrics over at their official website, which you can check out at this location! It's also now in the Local Metal Band Links!

While we're on the subject of local bands, I also deleted a band from the links. They were Ex-Oblivion, a former solo project from Gates of Winter frontman/Woods of Ypres guitarist Lee Maines, Their GarageBand page is no longer up on the site. But don't worry, you can check out Lee's recent solo material over at his current project's official MySpace page!

....I love how everything is seguing into itself, cause now, I'll talk about another thing I removed! I deleted the scheduled Jager concerts for June 19-20th from the concert listings. Jager removed them from their MySpace page, so I take it they were cancelled. But never fear, they've still got tons of shows planned at The Rapids Lounge this year, including two next weekend, so you'll get your chances to see them live!

I'll wrap things up here for today, more to come very soon! Thanks everyone!

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