Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stillbroke Concert Preview!!!

First off, I should tell everyone that if you notice a relatively shorter post length recently, don't blame that on me being unmotivated. It's my last month of college, and the homework is slowly piling on. Don't worry about a thing, I'll try and get as much news to you guys as I can! Now, we have a local metal concert tomorrow night, don't we? As usual, here's your local concert preview!

Sault Ontario hard rockers Stillbroke are baaaaaack! Tomorrow at 6:00 PM, they will take the stage for a big show at The Verdi Hall! Fancy venue, not your typical concert spot, but it should work well! This is (to my knowledge) Stillbroke's first major local show since the Rock 2 Roll skatepark fundraiser last summer at The Canadian, so the anticipation is only growing and growing! There's been lots of work, planning, and promotion put into this concert, and I'm sure that it will all pay off tomorrow!

Now, there are videos of Stillbroke performing live and rehearsing and stuff on their official Facebook group (check them out, there's some great stuff), but for something I can embed, here's a YouTube video of Stillbroke frontman Jesse Frigault performing a solo acoustic version of their song "Forget"!

Now, aside from the customary concert, this show will also serve as a promo/launch for Stillbroke's upcoming studio release! Tomorrow night, they will debut and play many of their new original songs in front of a live audience! And to go along with this, there will be Stillbroke merchandise for sale, as well as products from New Era Design and Developments Canada Inc, a cash bar, and of course, raffles and draws!"

I'll give this it's own paragraph because there's literally TONS of prizes to be given out at the show tomorrow night! The door prize will be a $250 barbeque from The Hart Store (as seen to your left!) As well, there will be lots more to be raffled, including two toy baskets, a car care basket, a barbeque/patio basket, a Metallica watch, a Slipknot belt buckle, a guitar tuner, a pick holder with signature picks, a 6 in 1 Xbox 360 pro gamers kit, a pool cue, an electronic deadbolt, a champagne set, and a car detailing gift certificate, and who knows, maybe more! Pictures of some of the prizes can be viewed at Stillbroke's official Facebook page!

Tickets are $10, you can try and get yours in advance by contacting the Frigault family at 759-8696, Derek Pearce at 575-5171, or Sara Kutt at 253-8752! In all likelihood, there will still be tickets at the door, but still, get them while you can! I will try and go, hopefully it's an awesome concert! And let's see if my luck holds out for the prizes, cause the last time I saw Stillbroke live, I won a TV!

That's all for this post, hopefully I'll see you all at The Verdi Hall tomorrow night! To confirm your attendance, head on over to the official Facebook event page! And this week, I should have lots more news to talk about, including (saying I go), a review of tomorrow's concert! See you then!

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