Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Local Bands, and Assorted News!!

Hello everyone! I have a bunch of random news items to share, but first, I found some more local metal bands in my internet searching! So here's what I found, and who knows, maybe you'll become a fan!

First off, I found an inactive local band called Divinity Collapsed. Now, I know next to nothing about these guys, but they are definitely local. Their MySpace page was created in December 2006, but there's been no activity since October 2007. Aside from some rather cryptic looking photos, and two local friends, there's not a lot to say. BUT, there are songs! The listed genre is "Drum and Bass", and that's basically what it is, kind of a techno/hard rock drum and bass sound. No vocals, but there's some good instrumentation, so check them out on Myspace! And if anyone has more details on these guys, let me know!

Next up, I've located an inactive glam metal band from Sault Ontario! They are Nite Wülfe, and amazingly enough, they were only active on their MySpace page for a total of ONE DAY in August of last year. But the page has some information on the band, including members' names, a blog entry, and best of all, some audio samples! They cover segments of some Poison classics acoustically, and they honestly don't sound too bad! Shame they didn't last, but their page lives on, so go check them out on MySpace too!

And finally, before we get to some concert updates, I gotta make a two month old correction. In January, I deleted Sault Michigan metal band The Grape Slushies from the Local Metal Band Links because of what I thought was a relocation, genre change, and severe lack of activity. Well, I was sure wrong. Either they changed their MySpace's URL, or I completely screwed up, but The Grape Slushies are still local, still metal, and still on MySpace (well, not actively since 2007, but still)! So, they're back on the site, my apoligies for my mess-up! And go check them out too, they're actually pretty amusing!

Now, onto some news about stuff going on in the near future. Firstly, there's been a few changes to this Friday's Battle of the Bands at The Lock City Grand Theater! One of the bands, Retrofit Kettles, has dropped off the battle, so there will be only seven bands competing. But for a lot of you, this change will mean more. Alcohol will NOT be sold at the show. The YMCA (who are putting on the battle) feel that alcohol isn't part of the "healthy lifestyle" that they promote, so the promoters won't be licensing the show.

Yeah, I know a lot of you guys would wanna get buzzed at the show, but keep in mind, you're not paying to get drunk. You're paying to see seven bands rock out, and you're also helping out a good cause (YMCA Strong Kids), so please don't judge whether you'll go or not by what drinks are sold.

Remember, admission is by donation, so even if you only have a penny, you can still likely go! The current band lineup includes glam/punk rockers Dirty Virgin, metal band Sue Inside, former Time of Ruin frontman Jason Bourcier's new band Operation: Killdozer, and former AtrophiA frontman Dan Souliere's new band Undead Warriors, as well as indie rockers The Outside Lights, and two bands I know nothing about, Waterslide and Glass Statues!

The battle will be preceded by the YMCA rock opera "Nothing To Do In Sault Ste. Marie"! Prizes will be awarded for best original, stage presence, and overall performance! Hope to see you guys there, cause I will be! I'll take pictures, hopefully my videos will work this time, and I'll have a review posted as well!

And now, a ticket update on the Stillbroke concert scheduled for April 1st at The Verdi Hall! Yes, you can still get them from The Frigault family at 759-8656 (they deliver too), but there's another way too! You can also now contact Derek Pearce from New Era Design and Developments at 575-5171, to find out where you can reach him for a ticket! You can also reach him at Sault College daily from 9- 4, and at The Station Mall Food Court nightly from 6-8! And remember, there will be PRIZES at this concert, and every person is entered for a door prize too! Also, notice the poster to the left? Very nice!

That's all for tonight, stay tuned for more local metal news as it comes in!

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