Thursday, March 19, 2009

Check Out The New Layout!!!

So, did anyone notice that The Sault Metal Scene looks slightly different? Well, I decided to give the blog a much needed facelift, and I'm pleased with the results (especially for someone who knows absolutely NOTHING about HTML!) Nothing's completely done, I might change a couple more things at some point, but for now, I'm happy!

The biggest change, obviously, is the layout. Using some HTML edits I found online, I was able to create a second sidebar on the left of the page, to better organize links, listings, and info! And, after I made the changes, the red/grey/red color scheme of the page wasn't clashing well, so I made all sidebar boxes black! So about half of the sidebar contents are now on your left, with all Sault Ontario concerts and bands on the left, and all Sault Michigan stuff on the right, and everything else scattered as necessary!

Other changes, I extended the title graphic to fit the page in full, now it features Bad Side and Gates of Winter. I might make a completely new title graphic down the road, but for now, this'll do. And finally, I edited the Sault Metal Video Bar section, so it will show even more local metal! I deleted all featured YouTube accounts that didnt have at least half local metal videos. So check it out, you're more than likely to get all the local metal you need now!

Just wanted to let you guys know on the new look, thanks for the support and feedback, and tonight, you'll get your local concert previews for this weekend! Have a good one til then!

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