Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fitswitch Concert Review!!!

So, as you probably heard, I went to see Fitswitch last night! And here's my review of the show!

I got there around 10:30 PM, I thought I'd be late, but luckily I wasn't! Decent crowd too, mostly for the birthday party, but they were into the music! This was easily Fitswitch's first show in a year or more, and the first time I've seen them in maybe three years! For this show, J.D. Pearce and Rick White from the classic lineups were back, with other musicians filling in, including (among others) Jason Bourcier from Operation Killdozer on bass and backing vocals, and Jeff Goertzen on drums! If you know who Jeff is, you'll know he only has one arm, but believe me when I say, he's a pretty good drummer, and he beat my expectations!

The band started their set with an eclectic set of covers, ranging from Danzig and AC/DC, to blink-182 and Bryan Adams, to Flock of Seagulls and Tommy Tutone! They even threw in a cover of VANILLA ICE! I'd say this was weird, but they played these songs in their typical punk/metal sound, and all was good! J.D. even gave me a shoutout during the first half, which was awesome, and completely unexpected! Rick even came to chat with me during the break, and even apologized for not being metal enough! But trust me, Fitswitch are metal enough to get covered here! They were as I remembered them, with the metal attitude and punk sound that got them famous around here!

The break was lengthy, but I'm honestly getting used to that at bar shows. Sense of Truth frontman Cory Murchison even came and said hi, and thanked me for all the press on the SMS! Awesome! The second half of the concert featured a more typical Fitswitch set, including plenty of Misfits covers, a couple originals, and some covers of songs by bands like The Bloodhound Gang, Gwar, and Judas Priest! Concertgoers were dancing and having shots, Rick was playing the guitar on chairs and tables, and everyone was having the time of their lives!

I have to say, they were great, but J.D. tried songs out of his vocal range a bit too much, and sometimes, they missed a few notes. But those are minor complaints, this was a fun show to celebrate Erin Goertzen's birthday party, and it was clear throughout the night that Fitswitch were having a good old time, even as the size of the crowd steadily dropped! I wasn't going to pass up the oppurtunity to see Fitswitch again, it's been too long, and I sure hope this won't be the last we see of them!

As you can tell by the photos, I took pictures at the concert! Visit The Sault Metal Scene's Photobucket page to view the rest of my photos! I don't know what concert I'll hit next, but when I do, I'll have another review and photos ready! Thanks everyone, more news to come!

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Anonymous said...

haha thanks for comin. its hard not to sing out of my range. its tough when my range is the about the size of bacteria haha. fitswitch wont be back anytime soon but i do have a couple projects starting up. wish me luck


johnny pints