Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: A Preview, And What To Watch Out For

Hey guys, I figured that I should make a special post outlining some stuff to look out for in the coming year. A lot of 2010 is yet to be planned out, but a bunch of exciting things have been announced or might be possible for this year, so I figure we should preview the stuff going on in 2010!

Of course, the metal event most likely to be discussed this year will be Kiss' rescheduled concert at The Essar Center this summer! Months of hype and anticipation will culminate in this major concert, which could be the biggest in the arena's history! Kiss Battle of the Bands winners Garden of Bedlam will still open the concert, the band confirmed this at their Boxing Day concert, so expect some great local metal there too! Also, depending on the tour routing, we could get another band with Kiss if they have another band on tour with them, we'll have to see though! I've heard rumours that the show could be as soon as July, so keep an eye out! No word on if this show will have a live CD recording of it that you can buy like the original Sault date had, but it'd be cool if they did!

Aside from Kiss, I don't know of any other metal acts coming to either The Essar Center or Kewadin Casino yet in 2010. The closest thing to metal at either venue that is currently scheduled is Alexisonfire (with Billy Talent) on March 22 at The Essar Center and Molly Hatchet (with Dr. Hook) on February 19 at Kewadin Casino. Neither show is really "metal", but I figured I'd mention them! Once I hear of any new metal shows in 2009, you'll find the info here! I'd expect at least a handful to pop up, so keep your eyes peeled!

A few concerts have been completely scheduled for 2010 already! Not counting the shows tonight or yesterday, only one has been announced as of today in Sault Ontario, which will feature Toronto's Ultraviolence at Coch's Corner on January 12th! There will be a local metal opener, but let's wait for an official announcement. Sault Michigan shows currently announced include multiple dates each from locals Nixxon Dixxon, and out of towners Peril and Nudge! Metal shows through August are confirmed for across the river so far, with many more likely to come! Aside from that, we'll have to wait and see! In terms of local concert events, even though Hempfest and Bell Border Jam are done, Rotaryfest will be back in July, and hopefully metal will be back there after a one year absence! Of course, as I hear of more metal shows in the Sault area, you'll find all the details right here! Other things to watch out for: The Case's Music Battle of the Bands, Bellevue Park's free summer concert series, and performances from The Guitar Studio's rock camp, all of which could have something heavy!

In terms of new CD releases, there's a good deal in the works, or at least being discussed! One of the most anticipated is arguably Garden of Bedlam's first full length LP, which they plan on recording in the spring and releasing later in the year! Other CDs possible for this year: Bring The Fallen's debut EP is scheduled for release in "Winter 2010", Sykotyk Rampage recently announced plans for their 23rd CD (a Christmas album no less), and the wait continues for No Arrow's first album, "Souls For Sale"! Plus, I've heard talk and word of artists like Sense of Truth, Lion Ride, and Brendan Christie hitting the studio or releasing albums, nothing's concrete though! Also, new local bands Meatplow and Silver Dream have announced plans to work on originals for an album soon too, so keep an eye on them too! For Sault Michigan bands, I've heard plans for new releases from Clownsack and Half Stupid, plus a fourth release from Bad Side could happen if their Nashville recording sessions actually happened last year, not sure if they did. If I'm missing anything, let me know! The more new metal releases, the better!

And finally, cause it doesn't fit anywhere else, "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" will show on Friday night at The Grand Theater! I've heard great things about this movie, I'll likely wanna head there to check it out! Of course, all this just skims the surface of what to expect in the Sault metal universe, a lot of this will come out as the year continues, so keep your browsers pointed here for everything you metalheads need to know! Enjoy 2010, everyone!

(P.S. My review of Clownsack's "Rotten Candy" will likely be on MONDAY! Tomorrow will have my review of tonight's Caveman Morrison concert at Foggy Notions, hope to see you guys there!)

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