Thursday, January 21, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Derelict), Weekend Concert Previews, And More!

First of all, a reminder to check out the details on the Hope4Haiti benefit concert event in the post below. In short, many local concert venues will host many local bands on February 20th to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross towards helping Haiti in the aftermath of their devastating earthquake. Foggy Notions were the first to confirm their involvement that I know, they were looking for interested bands on their Facebook page. Tickets will be $10, for more information or to get your band/venue involved, e-mail! But read my post or click here to get more details, let's help make this a success!

Today, we have a bunch of stuff to get to, including previews for all four metal shows this weekend in Sault Ontario and a new page for a band I recently mentioned. But first, we have a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!

Montreal death metal band Derelict are coming to Sault Ste. Marie! They will be at Foggy Notions for the first stop of their Northern Shores Tour on May 6th! What better way to spend a Thursday night than with some good old Canadian death metal? A start time of 8:00 PM is given on their MySpace page, though I'd think it'd be later than that. No word on cover charges or any possible additional bands, I'll let you know if I find out! Very brutal band, but in a good way, death metal fans will want to mark this on their calendars! If I'm in town, I'll be there! Check out some of their songs on MySpace, or click here to visit their official website! I will keep you posted with updates on this concert as I hear them!

And now, it's time to preview this weekend's concerts! We have four different metal shows this weekend, two tomorrow night, two Saturday night, all at different venues in Sault Ontario! Let's begin at The Rockstar Bar, when a notable local band returns, if a week later than we'd have hoped. Social Play, the hard rock band formerly known as Browbeat, will finally return to the concert stage a week after their planned dates last weekend were cancelled. A start time of 7:10 is given on Facebook, but I doubt it's that early (maybe I'm wrong?) No cover charge is listed, and it's not all ages. As I said in my preview of the cancelled shows last week, this will be the first concert for this band since their 2008 appearance at the Rock 2 Roll skatepark fundraiser at The Canadian Nightclub! They used to be a frequent sight locally, having backed up Econoline Crush during one of their shows here,and playing local bars throughout the mid 2000s! Drummer Chris Smith told me that they'll play some older Browbeat songs and new material, which should be great to hear! For full details on this concert, visit the Facebook event page! I don't have video to share, but this will be a good show, you have my word!

Meanwhile, at The Speakeasy, Guns N' Roses tribute act Gunz N' FN' Rosez will come to welcome the Sault to the jungle! Doors open at 9:00 PM tomorrow night, with the concert starting at 10:00 PM! Tickets are $10 in advance unless you're an Algoma University student, then you only pay $8. Both ticket prices jump $2 if you pay at the door. You must be 19 or have Algoma student ID to get in to this concert. Tribute bands are always fun to see, and these guys do a pretty good job of covering GNR hits, even donning the looks of the classic lineup (save for Izzy Stradlin, Buckethead's in his place!) Check out more from Gunz N' FN' Rosez at their official website! For full details on the concert itself, click here to see the Facebook event page! Solid tribute band, not perfect, but they're well worth seeing if you get a chance! For a preview, here's a clip of their rendition of "Paradise City"!

And then there's two metal concerts on Saturday night! One will take place at The Bottom's Up Lounge, where Tym Morrison will return for another acoustic solo set! Expect to hear many of Caveman Morrison's covers and more in an intimate setting! Chances are we all could use more softer stuff here and there, and Tym's got the metal cred and covers, so why not go see him on Saturday? He'll be on at around 10:00 PM, there is no cover, and I assume it's 19+ too, as it is a bar. So there's an idea for you guys on Saturday night, it should be another fun set! For full details on this concert, visit the official Facebook event page! Check out songs and video from Tym and Caveman Morrison at his official website, which was recently updated!

And finally this weekend, a hard rock band from Hamilton are returning to Coch's Corner! 40 Sons will be there Saturday night, just 3 months after they last played there! I was still unsure about this concert's validity, given the band's failure to post it, but it is still in Sault This Week, and J.D. from Coch's Corner was plugging it on Facebook, so it's on! I don't think there's a cover charge, I'd expect a start time of 10:00 or 11:00 PM on Saturday. Remember, 40 Sons are a pretty successful band, notably having won last year's Bodog Battle Championship, and getting airplay on various Ontario radio stations! Solid band, I like the singing, helps set them apart from other bands with a similar style! Check them out on MySpace to hear even more from 40 Sons! Another concert well worth considering, it is definitely on, hopefully there's a good turnout! For a preview, check out this live clip of 40 Sons performing their song "The Weight of the World" from a show this past June!

And finally, thanks to an anonymous comment on my post Tuesday, I can tell you even more about the local band SBD! I told you that their frontman is No Arrow's Dann Pichette, but the band also includes former No Arrow bassist Brad Griffith, and Shane Triplett on drums! Their first names seem to make up the band's name (Shane, Brad, Dann), just in case you didn't catch that! A link was given for the band's Soundclick page, which probably eluded me in the past because Sault Ste. Marie isn't mentioned on it at all. There, you can find a band photo and four songs! One is "Rock Paper Scissors" from the videos Dann uploaded to YouTube, but there's three others! On second listen, they are pretty different from No Arrow, more experimental, though there is still a bit of a grunge feel. It's hard rocking enough for the SMS, so click here to check out more from SBD! I wonder if we'll see them or No Arrow on stage soon?

Let's leave it there for today, I'll have more news soon! I hope to be at the Social Play concert tomorrow night, not sure about Saturday's concerts though. Stay tuned for more news and updates!


Dann said...

SBD has 10 more tracks available at:

Brad Griffith is a former bass player from 'sleeper agent' from london ontario and wasnt an original member of no arrow and shouldnt really be affiliated with it

no arrow MIGHT do something if all 3 band members could stay committed to it...sorry to say it the band is currently on hold and it doesnt look like thats happening any time soon considering the status of some of the band members but don't expect sbd to be playing no arrow covers...sbd is as sbd does...

on a side note asides from rock paper and scissors, I now have paper ink and plastic and can distribute no arrow CDs again and yes, you can have one!

I'll shoot you an email either tomorrow or next day

bradgriffith said...

I was the singer/guitar player in sleeper agent-

The Sault Metal Scene said...

Nice! Now let it be known I didn't say Brad was the original bassist, I said "former". I'll check out Sleeper Agent though!