Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Collection Of Assorted News Stories

Another day, another collection of news! Today though, there's no "major" announcements, like a concert or a band formation or anything, just a lot of things I've either bypassed or found over the last couple days! And we'll begin with a concert cancellation.

Earlier this month, you may remember that I reported that Lion Ride would be back at The Rockstar Bar on February 6th. It was on their MySpace page, so it looked legit. However, the announcement was either premature or incorrect, as the band have pulled it from their concert listings. No word as to what the specific reason was, but hopefully they'll be back home for a concert sooner rather than later! Despite that, Lion Ride have booked one more out of town concert, which will be on March 17th in Montreal! I don't know if Lion Ride have ever been to Quebec for a concert, but it should be cool! They'll be playing at Cafe Chaos in Montreal, along with Montreal hard rockers Reckless Ride and other bands! Should be a good show, but as always, our fingers are crossed for their local return!

Next up, a new Facebook group has been launched in order for Sault-area bands of all genres to discuss the local scene, interact, promote their bands, and such. Named "Sault Ste Marie Local Bands - Support And Discussion Group", it was formed by Stillbroke frontman Jesse Frigault yesterday, and the idea behind it is very good! The bands in the Sault should be closer, maybe this will help! Click here to check it out, there's very positive intent in this group! Jesse would love members of all local bands to join, and he promises that a member of each band who joins will be made an administrator, which is a nice gesture! He also made me an admin, but rest assured, the group is not an SMS offshoot, it's Jesse's idea, so don't give me credit for it. Besides, it's for all genres, not just metal! Spread it to your friends, get band members to join! Remember, any good Facebook group/page needs members and activity to ensure success, so let's see this succeed where other have failed!

And to close this short news update post, four local metal-related stories, in order by band name!
  • Though an event page has yet to be launched for it, a poster for the Garden of Bedlam/Papa Fogals Chair on February 27th at Foggy Notions has been made, and you can check it out to the right! It was made by Papa Fogals Chair percussionist Adam Chillman, who actually has done most of the artwork and posters used by Garden of Bedlam! Stay tuned for more details on this concert!
  • According to their MySpace page, the Pop Evil concert on February 27th at Kewadin Casino is ALL AGES! Most shows at The Dreammakers Theater are, but being that it is a casino, extra proof sometimes helps. Still need word on the local openers, and when I find out definite details on what the proceeds are going to, I will let you guys know!
  • Thanks to Laurie Frigault for this information: The Stillbroke concert at The Speakeasy on January 28th will have a cover charge of $3, which isn't bad! Sadly, it is NOT all ages. Hopefully a good crowd turns out for this show, it's been a while since Stillbroke last played a full set here!
  • Another review of Woods of Ypres' latest release, "Woods IV: The Green Album" has been posted online! It was reviewed by Carl Begai on his blog yesterday, check it out by clicking here! Very positive review, he calls it a "lush and epic soundtrack to personal demise", among many other observations!
So there, I think we're back up to date...for now! Tomorrow, we'll close down the current SMS poll about the biggest news story of 2009, and we'll go over the results and launch the new poll! It will be about the best "something" in 2009, but what? Stay tuned to find out!

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