Sunday, January 3, 2010

Caveman Morrison At Foggy's Review, Sense Of Truth's Next Show, And More Kiss Stuff!

Well everyone, how's your 2010 going so far? Last night, I was at the Caveman Morrison show at Foggy Notions, so here's my review! (Stay tuned afterwards for news on Sense of Truth's next concert, and Kiss show stuff!)

First off, the turnout was really bad, at the most, there was 20 people watching the band. I know this was a really cold night, but come on! They're a great band, come out and see them! But I'll say this much, I honestly don't mind low turnouts much cause there's more room to maneuver and get a good spot, and the band generally gets more personable with the crowd that's there, so I liked that aspect! Also, with the lower attendance, I was able to get a better look at Foggy Notions, and it is pretty nice, though it varies where you look. The walls are either the cool brick walls or just plain painted colours, not counting the windows out front. Two pool tables, a little "beer bar", the full bar itself is conveniently across from the stage in the other room, with the bathrooms in the middle. I was in the men's bathroom, and I can vouch for it's cleanliness compared to what I've heard from the old Foggy's! Also, there was a cover of $2, which was unannounced beforehand. Just letting you guys know in case you decide to go there for a show with no cash, have a toonie at least!

Caveman Morrison played around 3 hours, chock full of more awesome covers! Most I've heard before at The Rockstar Bar, but there were a few surprises! They covered lots of metal from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Nine Inch Nails, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest, but there was, as always, some heavy covers of non-metal songs, including stuff from ZZ Top, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Bryan Adams, and Chicago, among many others! Frontman Tym Morrison was playing at his usual high quality once again, though his cough from previous shows had popped back up. It did impact his vocals a slight amount, but he still sounded awesome! Bassist Rick White kept up well on bass, not everything was perfect, but remember, he is a guitarist first and foremost. He did very good, especially for learning so many songs! Jeff Richards was great all night on drums, and he was really easy to notice this time around with the new drum riser the band had!

Throughout the night, there were little guest appearances and surprises, especially near the end of the set, so if you skipped out, you missed out! Jeff Richards took over lead vocals once again for some Tragically Hip covers, which were good, even though I admittedly don't listen to The Hip! Later on, Tym Morrison ceded the guitar and mic to Rick White, with the bass position being taken over by....Scary Uncles bassist Andrew McDonald! And what band were Rick and Andrew in together? That's right, Fitswitch! They jammed some Fitswitch covers, which was awesome and completely unexpected! I haven't heard "Only Wanna Be With You" in forever, that was a real treat! Andrew later filled in for Rick on bass during a cover of "Enter Sandman" when he needed to take a break for a minute! Also that night, Taryn Bugyra from Foggy Notions (and Rick's old bandmate in The Chosen) took lead vocals for a cover of TNT by AC/DC, which was also cool! She has some pipes! And near the end of the night, Tym and Rick switched instruments for another Fitswitch cover, "Teabag"! Tym has some good bass skills also, his solo album is added proof!

Overall, I had fun, despite the low attendance. Caveman Morrison always seem to have fun in live performances, no matter the turnout, and they played as good as they ever do! It's still a blast from the past for me to see Tym and Rick playing shows, I welcome that! All I'd really want different is a bigger turnout (they deserve it, the fanbase is there), and maybe more metal, but it's all good, Caveman Morrison show is always a fun way to spend a night! As you can see, I took plenty of photos, check them out by clicking here or visiting our Facebook page! And, I snapped some video of them too, here's a clip from last night of Caveman Morrison covering the Metallica classic "For Whom The Bell Tolls"!

Next up for news, remember in my 2010 preview how I mentioned that there would be a local opener for the January 12th Ultraviolence show at Coch's Corner? Well, it will be none other than Sense of Truth! Bassist Curtis Beauchamp confirmed this in an e-mail sent to members of their Facebook group, so there's your source! This will be their first show since the Foggy Notions grand opening last month! Curtis also confirmed there would be no cover, but I didn't expect there would be, most shows at Coch's don't have one. I can guarantee you this: I WILL BE THERE! I've missed too many Sense of Truth shows already from badly timed trips to Detroit, this one won't be missed! And Ultraviolence are a great band too, you won't wanna miss them either! Sure, it's a Tuesday, but try and make it out, this will be a great show! If I hear anything more on this concert in advance, you'll hear it here!

And finally, Brian Kelly from The Sault Star posted another Kiss-related article in the paper the other day! Entitled "Some fans Kiss goodbye to concert tickets", it talks about how over 200 people who had bought tickets to the now-postponed Kiss/Garden of Bedlam show at The Essar Center have returned theirs for a refund, rather than hang on to them for the rescheduled date this summer. Essar Center events manager Trevor Zachary said that some people may have returned theirs to have extra money for Christmas gifts, which I can understand, $100 can go to other things if the show's not immediate! I just hope most refunders aren't in the "KISS SHAFTED ME I HATE THEM OMG WTF" crowd. Some refunded tickets may be given back if they were refunded by suite holders, but most will go back on sale once the new Kiss date is announced, which Trevor hopes is later in the month. He also expressed hope that, with the summer date, he can arrange for the concert to be shown on a big screen outside the arena, which would be awesome if possible! Read the full article at this location!

So there's some news and updates for today, I will have more very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! And tomorrow, saying nothing unforseen happens, my review of Clownsack's debut CD, "Rotten Candy", will be posted, it'll be a good one! Stay tuned!

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