Saturday, January 30, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Bring The Fallen), An Original Fitswitch Reunion, And Bad Side Opening For Bon Jovi?

Very short notice LOCAL CONCERT ALERT for you guys, let's get to this right away! The urgency is here because the show is TONIGHT! Local death/thrash metal band Bring The Fallen are playing at Foggy Notions TONIGHT! I apologize for the short notice of this, but it was only announced by guitarist Dan Souliere on Facebook a little after 3:00 PM. Foggy's was having a bit of a late crunch to get a band to play tonight, but they have a band, and a great one at that! This will be their first live appearances since their double shot of battles of the bands on December 1st, one of which they won! Rich Moreland has confirmed to me that the show will have a $2 cover and they will take the stage between 10:30 and 11:00 PM! I know this is short notice, but if you can make it to Foggy's tonight, do it! It will be a great concert! Not sure if I'll be there, but if you go, you'll have a headbanging good time! As I suppose this is a preview too, I'll show you guys a video, so here's a video of Bring The Fallen from the Necropolis days, performing their song "Night Riders" at The Oddfellows Hall!

While we're on the subject of shows at Foggy's, I can confirm that the Half Past shows next weekend will also have a $2 cover. This wasn't put on the event page initially, so I didn't know there was one. Well, there you go, bring your toonies AND your beer money then too! Thanks to Luke LeBlanc for the info!

Now we come to something that, though not really a new concert, will interest Fitswitch fans! According to J.D. Pearce and Rick White, the original lineup of Fitswitch are reuniting for a one-off set at original guitarist Kevin Powe's stag and doe! Yes, J.D., Rick, Kevin, Andrew MacDonald, and Larry Mousseau will be back together once again to rock some punk/metal, if only for one night! It will be at The Elks Hall on March 20th, tickets are $25 each or $40 for two. E-mail Rick White on Facebook if you're interested in attending! There will also be dinner, a D.J., door prizes, and other typical stag and doe things! I'm not gonna call this as a concert because really, it isn't, and attendance is probably only encouraged for those close to Kevin and family, but it's cool to hear! But if you are interested in attending Kevin's stag and doe, contact Rick to get a ticket, but bear in mind, it's a stag and doe first and foremost, the Fitswitch reunion is a bonus!

To my knowledge, this would be the first Fitswitch performance with the original lineup since (I think) 2006? I'm not sure on my dates. This would also be the first show of any Fitswitch lineup since March, when the J.D./Rick/Jason Bourcier/Jeff Goertzen lineup reunited at Coch's Corner for another one-off!

Next up, Bad Side are alive! No they haven't booked new local concerts, but they haven't broken up, I'm glad to say! I know this because of this announcement on Facebook: They want our help. The Sault Michigan hard rockers have entered the "Fox Rocks" contest ran by Detroit TV station WJBK, where bands will be voted on for a chance to open for Bon Jovi! The 5 highest vote getters will play live on WJBK's morning show, and the sets will be posted online for another voting period. The winners will open for Bon Jovi with a 15 minute set prior to their show at The Palace of Auburn Hills on March 17th! You can vote once an hour, but there's no cap on the total votes you can cast! CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR BAD SIDE! There you'll be taken to the voting page, with a short band bio and an audio stream of the song "Run Home" from their most recent album, "Bad Things Come In Threes"! VOTE TODAY, the deadline is February 18th!!! Click the banner underneath the band photo to cast your vote!

I've already voted once, though 15 minutes is kinda skimpy compared to the half hour Garden of Bedlam will get opening for Kiss. Still, it's a great opportunity, I hope they get it, they deserve it! And above all else, I'm glad to see Bad Side are still active, hopefully they'll be back playing shows around here soon!

And finally, that Ultraviolence show taking place in exactly ONE WEEK at Coch's Corner is officially a go! A Facebook event page has been posted for it, where it confirms that this concert will be a wrap party for the Scotties Tournament of Hearts! So that makes two hard rock shows connected to this huge curling tournament, the other being Sykotyk Rampage at the Battle of the Bands on Wednesday! No announced openers, it starts at 10:25 PM, and there's no announced cover charge! Should be a good concert, great to see Ultraviolence back so soon!

That's all for now, if I don't have anything tomorrow, my next post will feature my review of Detroit's new album "Brace For Impact", and that will be MONDAY! Stay tuned everyone!

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