Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Metal Massacre II Videos, Mike Vincent Updates, And Much More!!

Before we get this month's Defunct Local Band Profile up on the site, let's clear out some recent news and notes, including some assorted quick stories, updates from a local metal musician, and to lead off, some new videos from this past weekend's Metal Massacre II house party concert! Filmed by Party Island Productions head Mike Gingras, and uploaded to his YouTube channel on Sunday, he filmed videos of two of the night's bands, including our first live concert footage of new local death metal quintet Kaepora Gaebora, so what should you know about it? The video features the former Debt to the Heirless playing an original song named "Evolution By Force", and while the view isn't great (thanks to dark purple lighting and attendee heads in the way), this is definitely our best audio sample of Kaepra Gaebora yet! Everyne sounds solid and brutal musically, and Joey Graham's vocals fit the material and have a bit of the deathcore intensity, so give this one a look below!

Mike's other Metal Massacre II video is of local death/thrash metal trio Pillory playing their new original song "Angst of Existence", presumably at the start of their set like it was for Metal Massacre I. Mike focused the entire video on drummer Bret Shuttleworth (possibly on purpose?), but the singular focus actually helps the view, as you get a closer direct angle to counteract the lighting, so it works, and Pillory sound good here as fans have came to expect since their reunion! Give their video a look below!

Also today, here's the latest from Troubled Mind drummer/ex-Bear Hunters guitarist Mike Vincent's local music projects, starting with his latest Musicians Wanted Facebook group search for a musician, this time looking for a bassist (possibly with vocal ability) for his current band project, who are apparently going to sound like everything from Avenged Sevenfold to Trivium. Mike didn't elaborate on if this search is to round out the lineup of Troubled Mind (who haven't posted an online update since November) or if this is for a new project, but hopefully Mike can get a new band project off the ground! However, Mike quietly resurrected his solo project (which had previously been active in 2011) yesterday with the launch of a new Bandcamp page, and according to personal Facebook postings, he is working on a debut solo EP with him on all instruments. One instrumental is up on Bandcamp, which is a re-recording of his old band Skull After Betrayl's self-titled song, now entitled "Shoah" (a French & Hebrew term for the Holocaust.)

The audio quality has a hissing static quality to it, but Mike has multi-instrumental talent, and fans of Skull After Betrayl should appreciate the work he put into this revision! Mike also noted on his personal Facebook page that he is working on more music, and plans to have a new song every weekend to put up. Will further material return to using food as titles? Might we see more remakes of songs from his old bands? Either way, check out "Shoah" and more from Mike above, check out his recent drum covers on his personal page, and Mike's solo project is back in our active band links!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter items from the last while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by artist name:

  • In their first Facebook page posting in almost two months, local death metal favourites The Bear Hunters revealed on Wednesday that they were starting work on lead guitar & solos for their forthcoming sophomore CD "The Dead Testament", with vocal recording starting this week. Great to hear, so stay tuned for more as sessions continue! For reference sake, recent live video footage floating around on personal Facebook pages is from a recent private event, hence why The Bear Hunters were in dress clothes.
  • Local musician Liam Tallon is looking for a drummer and bassist to join a new hard rock/metal band that he's forming. The band in question (presumably with Liam on guitar) would have musicians aged between 15 & 20 years old, would cover bands like Metallica & Alter Bridge, and eventually write originals. If you're interested in trying out, message Liam at this link or via his Musicians Wanted Facebook group post from Wednesday!
  • In a rare local music article on Sault Online that isn't from Mike Caruso, correspondent Tammy Haman was in attendance for one of local classic/hard rock cover quartet Mourning Wood's recent Esquire Club concerts, positively and concisely reviewing it for this article last week, complete with some photos (but no videos.) Former Cherry Crush singer Holly Melissa Bourdage is credited as having made a guest appearance at the show too, and given her singing ability, that should have been a solid feature! Give the full article a look above!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for this month's Defunct Local Band Profile next! Thanks everyone!

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