Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...and so it begins!

Welcome one and all, to the first post on The Sault Metal Scene's blog! My earlier attempts at a website, Myspace page, and forum all ended miserably, hopefully this will be the one that catches on with you guys. Plus, Facebook is acting unreliable for me, I recieved a warning that I had "exceeded my post limit", and my account would be disabled if I continued excessively posting. I'm hoping it's a mistake or a temporary thing, but even if it's not, I figured I should have a backup plan in case something unforseen were to happen.

It looks minimal now, but I'm slowly adding and updating this page to better reflect just what we're about. Just in case you didn't remember, The Sault Metal Scene is essentially an online community dedicated to anything metal in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario and Michigan! As such, you'll get updates on upcoming metal concerts, band updates, releases, news, and anything else that might relate to metal!

We've been going strong now for about 17 months, as of the current posting, the SMS Facebook group peaked at 323 members last month! There's definitely a great metal community in the Soo, but it's not perfect. Hopefully this blog will help extend it even further!

So, if you come by and see this blog, tell your friends to check it out! I'll be constantly posting and updating it with new band links, updates, videos, and anything else that seems interesting, maybe even some major metal news from outside of town, who knows! So bookmark us and get ready, cause (fingers crossed) we're far from done here!

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR METAL NEWS/UPDATES PRIOR TO DECEMBER 2008, HEAD TO http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2429742288 AND JOIN US THERE AS WELL!

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