Wednesday, December 3, 2008

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT/New Local Band Links!!!

Anyone been looking at the local band listings? Nice to have so many pages and sites in one location for all of the metal bands of the area, past and present! Well, I did some searching today, and I found FIVE bands to add to the section! You can always scroll down to see for yourself, but I'll give you some info here if you don't wanna head down the page! (Also, notice I can put pics in posts now? Take that, Facebook!)

First off, from Sault Ontario, we have...Squirrelboy & The Smiling Giraffes! Quite the unique band, hard to categorize. Their Myspace claims they're "Screamo/Country/Rap" and they sound like "Yoko Ono if she was a squirrel." I guess I'd describe them as a industrial/funk hybrid, with a metal influence, but it works! Check them out at, where they have six original songs (and I mean, original!)

Next, from Sault Michigan, we have Half Stupid ( or, a three piece grunge band who have four original songs posted on their Myspace! In fact, they have a free concert tonight at 7:00 at the Christopher Columbus Hall, as part of a Border Control Christmas Party! (So, this is a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!! bad for not finding out about it until today). They don't sound too bad, here's hoping they play some more shows soon!

Now we get into defunct groups (all from Sault Michigan). First, we have a pair of bands that share two members. They are Medicate ( and Roadside Rebels ( Only Medicate has a music player up, but the only song, "Beauty Is Pain", is unavailable. They're up for curiosity sake, but there's not much to say on either.

And finally, Hatred Of One ( There's even less to say about these guys, but their influences indicate some promising metalness. Their page hasn't been updated since 2006, so I wouldn't hold out much hope on future activity for them.

This will be updated if I find any more bands tonight, all links are now in the band links section to your right, and in the Posted Links section over on the Facebook group!

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