Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2nd Updates!

Here's some local updates to start off the blog! (Read the first post below this one for some extra info)

The new issue of Northern Rocks Magazine (http://www.northernrocksmagazine.com/) should now be in your inboxes! This month, contributing writer Rude Poloponortio reviewed Woods of Ypres' "The Deepest Roots & Darkest Blues", giving it 4 stars! He also reviewed the Woods of Ypres/Wolven Ancestry concert from last month at The Lock City Grand Theater!

Also, Northern Rocks Magazine has now opened it's official message board! Check it out at http://northernrocks.21.forumer.com/!

Here's a rundown of the next local concerts scheduled! Sault Michigan's own Jager 4.0 are playing 2 shows at The Bird this weekend! Then, Orange October play at The Satisfied Frog on the 12th and 13th! And the next concert (to my knowledge) for Sault Ontario is the Sick Jams For Sick Kids benefit show on Wednesday the 17th at The Lock City Grand Theater, featuring Garden of Bedlam, Sense of Truth, Fury, Aftersight, and local punk rockers Scary Uncles ($15 in advance, $20 at the door, 19+)!

There's gotta be a few promoters out there looking to book some bands, right? Well, I found two! The Fitzpatrick Incident, a hardcore band from Markham (http://www.myspace.com/thefitzpatrickincident) and Contagium, a hardcore band from Halifax
(http://www.myspace.com/contagiumhalifax) have both scheduled concerts on upcoming tours for Sault Ontario (Fitzpatrick Incident on December 18th, Contagium on June 10th), but neither have a venue yet. So, in case a promoter looks at this and is interested, why not give them a shout?
Now for some site updates, and notice the new theme and banner at the top of the page? Fancy, ain't it? (Thanks to Ryan McQueen from Energy Rock Radio for some help with the page's look!)

If you've followed the group over at Facebook, you should be familiar with some of the stuff I had featured! Well, I'm in the process of bringing them over to the blog! As you can see, the local concert listings are at the top of the sidebar, with all the links (minus videos) from the Posted Links section now right below the concert listings, neatly categorized and easy to access!

Also, I have successfully moved the metal news section to the bottom of the page, so the top 5 stories on Blabbermouth will continue to appear on here as well! Also, you might have noticed a Youtube video bar, which I added here as well! I linked every channel I could find on Youtube with multiple local metal videos, it's not entirely all local or all metal, but bear with me, I just started this blog!

Any ideas, suggestions, tips, or news to share, please let me know!

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