Friday, December 5, 2008

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!! (and some cancellations)

I got some concert updates on some bands from Sault Michigan! First, we have Jager 4.0, who have scheduled an entire YEAR's worth of concerts for next year at The Rapids Lounge at Kewadin Casino (one weekend a month all year), with a handul at Dondee Lanes as well! (yes, the bowling alley) So, here's all of their currently scheduled dates there in 2009!

January 2-3, Dondee Lanes
January 9-10, Kewadin Casino
January 30-31, Dondee Lanes
February 6-7, Kewadin Casino
February 20-21, Dondee Lanes
March 20-21, Kewadin Casino
April 17-18, Kewadin Casino
May 29-30, Kewadin Casino
June 19-20, Kewadin Casino
July 24-25, Kewadin Casino
August 14-15, Kewadin Casino
September 18-19, Kewadin Casino
October 9-10, Kewadin Casino
November 13-14, Kewadin Casino
December 18-19, Kewadin Casino

Just to add, Jager 4.0's concerts at The Bird for this weekend and Boxing Day weekend have been CANCELLED. Not sure why, but they haven't scheduled any dates next year for The Bird, so it might be a problem with the venue itself.

Also, fellow Sault Michigan locals Shift have booked a bunch of dates through May 2009 at The Satisfied Frog! They will be playing there on January 9-10, February 6-7, March 13-14, April 10-11, and May 22-23!

And finally, Free Refill will be playing at the talent show at Sault Area High School 2 weeks from tonight on December 19th! Not a "concert" by the normal sense, but they will be performing, so it counts! If you wanna check them out, they have some tracks on their Myspace, as well as some live videos at this location!

So, with the Jager 4.0 cancellations, there are NO local metal concerts (to my knowledge) this weekend. The next local show in either of the twin Saults will take place next weekend, when Orange October hit The Satisfied Frog for a pair of shows next Friday and Saturday!

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