Friday, December 12, 2008

Local Concert Preview, Sick Jams Update, and New Local Links!

Just a reminder everyone, that there are two local concerts this weekend, so here's what you need to know!

Orange October, a modern hard rock band from Muskegon, Michigan, are playing two dates at The Satisfied Frog this weekend! One tonight, and one tomorrow! Both concerts will take place at 10:00, though I'm not sure of a cover or admission charge.

If you're interested in checking out Orange October, check out some of their original tracks at their official MySpace page! For a taste of their live show, check out this concert clip of Orange October covering Breaking Benjamin's "So Cold"!

After these shows, the next local concert (to my knowledge) is the Sick Jams for Sick Kids benefit on WEDNESDAY! I got some extra updates for you guys on the show as well! First off, the at the door price is now $15, so all tickets are now $5 cheaper, regardless of when you get them! As well, tickets are now for sale at CDPlus at The Cambrian Mall, as well!

Hope to see you guys there on Wednesday, as it should be a great concert, and IT'S ALL AGES NOW TOO!

And finally, I've added four new links into the "Other Local Metal Links" section! They are the official websites for local music-related stores and retailers! SO, now you can head to the sites for HMV, CDPlus, The Rad Zone, and Northland Music! More likely to come over the next while, just getting you all updated!

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