Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sick Jams For Sick Kids Preview!

Hey everyone, sorry about lack of posting the last couple days, the end of the year tests were killing me. But I'm off for like, 3 weeks and 4 days now, so there shouldn't be any delays in getting you metal news as soon as I can get it!

TOMORROW NIGHT, metal bands hit The Lock City Grand Theater for a good cause! Sick Jams For Sick Kids will take place tomorrow night, and here's all the details you need to know!

Doors open at 7:00 PM, and the show itself starts at 8:00. Tickets are just $10 in advance from The Lock City Grand Theater itself, Charli Henshaw at 942-7897, and from CDPlus at the Cambrian Mall! If you're getting your ticket at the door, the price rises to $15!

All proceeds from this concert go to The Sick Kids Hospital, and the bands are performing and setting up absolutely free. This concert is for a fantastic cause, so I would recommend coming out and showing your support! As well, your MCs will be DJs Ryeman and Ashley from Energy Rock Radio, who will also be broadcasting ERR live from the show!

You headliners are local metal band Garden of Bedlam, who have recently been recording their debut EP! You might remember them from other recent shows at The Grand, The Other Place, and this year's Hempfest, among other venues! They always put on a great live show, and if you wanna check them out, here's a clip of them performing their original song "The Truth Shall Set You Free" from this year's Hempfest!

Also to be featured is Sense of Truth, a very talented local modern rock band who you may remember from some pretty high profile concerts this summer! They won the Battle of the Bands at Algoma University to back up Skid Row at Runway Park in June (sadly, that never occured), as well as supporting Econoline Crush at their concert at The Canadian this summer! If you wanna check them out too, here's live video of them performing their original "Anything At All"!

Also to be featured are local punk rockers Scary Uncles, and two other local bands, Fury, and Aftersight. I don't know too much on the latter two bands, but after tomorrow's concert, I should know a lot more!

The schedule is as follows: Aftersight will kick things off at 8:00, with each band playing one hour sets. They will be followed by Sense of Truth at 9:00, Garden of Bedlam at 10:00, Scary Uncles at 11:00, and Sense of Truth at midnight!

I'll see you guys there tomorrow night! I don't know if I'll be taking any pictures (I'm having big camera problems), but I will definitely be there and will have a review for when I get back!

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