Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sick Jams For Sick Kids is ALL AGES!!!

Just heard from Garden of Bedlam through Facebook, that the Sick Jams For Sick Kids concert is definitely ALL AGES! It's still a licensed event though, so the alcohol will flow freely, just as you 19+ guys would want!

Also, tickets are now just $10 in advance, which is a great deal! (As far as I know, it's still $20 at the door) You can also now get tickets directly from Garden of Bedlam, so contact them on Facebook if you want some tickets (Of course, you can still get them from The Lock City Grand Theater or Charli Henshaw). Keep in mind that this concert is for an amazing cause, as all proceeds go directly to the Sick Kids Hospital, so support the cause and come on out to the concert, which is one week from today! (The Scary Uncles, Sense of Truth, Aftersight, and Fury will also be playing!)

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