Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT (Social Play), And Two New Bands!

Short post for today, but I can't let a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT slide any more than it has! Here's what you need to know, followed by two new local bands I came across recently!

Remember this past weekend when Social Play (formerly known as Browbeat) cancelled their planned weekend dates at Foggy Notions? Well, they're back even quicker than I was figuring! They'll be back at The Rockstar Bar THIS FRIDAY, as you may have heard on the SMS Facebook page yesterday! No cover charge has been announced. The concert is listed on it's event page as starting at 7:10 PM, which seems way too early to be the real start time, but hey, you never know! And just like other shows at The Rockstar Bar, this is 19+. Should be a good concert, but for you hard rock fans, you have a choice to make: Social Play's first show in over 16 months, or a Guns N' Roses tribute band at The Speakeasy? I hope to make one of those, leaning towards Social Play, but we'll have to see! Click here to visit the Facebook event page, which also has details on Social Play drummer Chris Smith's other band Wishbone's concert at The Rockstar Bar on Saturday!

On a related note, Chris Smith gave the reason for the cancellation last weekend on the event page as being from "circumstances beyond their control". Hopefully the Friday concert will go off without a hitch!

So over the last couple days, thanks to subscription alerts on the SMS YouTube channel, I came across two new Sault Ontario hard rock bands, one with more info than the other! First I'll tell you about The Curtis J. McKenzie Project, which appears to be either a new band featuring members of 20 Pack Of Marshmallows, or a newer version of said band! It features Curtis McKenzie, Darren Vlassoff, and Micheal Cachagee, along with new rhythm guitarist Daniel Horton in place of Travis McKenzie! Their site includes song lyrics, band bio information, plenty of photos, a guestbook, and videos! Some are old 2POM videos, but there are some brand new clips of some new originals, and a cover of the Dale Evans song "Happy Trails", which is unexpected! So visit there to check everything out, they do have promise, though they need to work on audio quality, and some slightly heavier songs would be welcome. They have obvious talent though, keep an eye out for them! Here's an original song from The Curtis McKenzie Project, entitled "The Married Massacre", straight from Curtis' YouTube channel!

And finally, I don't know a ton about this band, but there's enough to warrant a mention! They are called SBD, and they feature No Arrow singer/guitarist Dann Pichette! Sources tell me that the other members were formerly in local band The Chintzy Slicks (remember them?), but SBD don't have a page at present, if this even is supposed to be an official brand new band. Still, it's worth posting, especially with the lack of No Arrow news in recent months! Oddly, while just one song ("Rock Paper Scissors") was uploaded to Dann's YouTube channel, it was broken up into 13 parts, with part 11 missing, and no individual video lasting longer than 1:17! From listening to the various parts of this song, it sounds good, nice grunge feel, it reminds me of No Arrow! But something seems a bit different about it, and not just from the absence of Harley and Joe from No Arrow. Check out Part 1 of "Rock Paper Scissors" below, and click here to see the remaining parts of the song!

That's all for now, I'd have liked to have had more, but I'll have plenty more news and updates real soon! And if nothing else, there will be previews of this weekend's concerts soon, hopefully a review of "Castle Stories" once I'm finished reading it, and more! Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

more SBD tracks at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1016207
including the first version of Rock,Paper,Scissors and a few others

totally different sound from No Arrow - more experimental/free form/instrumental stuff

SBD is Shane Triplet(drums), Brad Griffith(bass,keyboard), Dann Pichette(guitar,spacecho,noise)

The Sault Metal Scene said...

Nice, thanks for the extra info! Definitely worth checking out! I have SBD in the band links!