Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Local Metal Video Showcase!!

Hey guys, I'm back from Detroit, and I have a local metal video showcase to get to, first things first! I have a lot of videos in the backlog to share, so no better way to start then right now, and today, we have this week's classic video, a new promo video from a Sault Michigan band, some interesting videos from an area drummer, and kicking things off, our first video footage from a recent major concert, so here's what you need to know! (Also, apologies for not getting a proper announcement of Tym Morrison's show on Saturday night at the Service Grill on here, I was fairly busy this weekend. Hopefully some of you made it out!)

Looking for videos from the Napalm Death concert at Feedback on Saturday night? Here's the first one I've seen! This comes from local guitarist Neno Jovanovic, who filmed part of local death metal quintet The Bear Hunters' set from the big show, and his first video was put onto his new YouTube channel yesterday! In what looks like "part 1" of at least two videos, this is of The Bear Hunters playing their original song "Bloodthirst", and the quality's nice! Neno was behind a lot of people, but the audio's clear and the band are on form (you'd have to be for a show of this size though.) Nice and brutal all around! As for Feedback itself as a concert venue, I still need to judge firsthand, but the stage looks nice! The lighting's great and the lines down the back wall are a nice touch and flow with the lighting on their own. Looking at the brightness on the sides, the stage may still be beside the front windows, but I'm not positive (remember, I wasn't there, but family calls.) I'll get a 100% look at Feedback soon, and from what I've heard, Rich has done great things with the old Foggy Notions location, so things are only gonna grow from here! Check out The Bear Hunters playing "Bloodthirst" below, and stay tuned for more Napalm Death concert videos as I hear of them!

Next up, here's some videos from Sault Michigan metal talent, and first, remember last week when we mentioned that former Nixxon Dixxon drummer Jake LaLonde had rejoined some of his former bandmates in Splitshot earlier this fall? Well, as you may remember, Jake had spent the previous two semesters attending the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, and while there, he launched a YouTube channel, which now has some videos of live performances he had with fellow MI students in the spring! The videos are live covers of "Barracuda" by Heart and Rick Derringer's "Rock N' Roll Hoochie Koo", so click the above links to check them out! Jake's on fire here (though I miss his long hair), and the different lineups have clear talent, though the guitar on "Barracuda" sounded a bit off. Sounds like his time in Los Angeles was a benefit to his drumming career, and Splitshot are sure to benefit from that as well! Check the above links for more, here's Jake and fellow MI students covering "Barracuda", and go see Splitshot this coming weekend at The Rapids Lounge!

Now, here's some news (and a video) from Kinross hard rockers Banned! Firstly, they appear to have parted ways with singer/bassist Alex Schrovenwever, who was recently removed from Banned's lineup on their Facebook page. No announcement was made as to why he left, but hopefully nothing bad happened, as he's a good bassist! That said, Banned are still advertised for next weekend at The Sundown Lounge in Pickford, only the show has now been moved to Saturday, October 29th. Again, no reason was announced for the date change, but really, most Halloween concerts this year are on the Saturday, so it's a better fit. With that in mind, singer/guitarist Alex Traynor is the focus of a new promo video for next Saturday's Halloween weekend concert, as uploaded by his sister Ashley this past Wednesday. It's of Alex shredding a pretty nice guitar solo outside in what looks like a yard, and it includes intertitles plugging the Pickford show and the attached Halloween costume contest. Pretty good, and it's a clear indicator of Alex's talent too (he's got a lot of promise), so give the Banned promo video a look below (and at the above links!) Stay tuned for more on Banned's bassist situation and next weekend's concert!

And finally, here's this week's classic video! Early, yes, but knowing the bigger shows of the weekend already, it made sense to post it when I could. For the first time ever, this week's classic video is of the original crash band themselves, Sykotyk Rampage, who'll of course rock The Grand Theater at this Saturday's Soo Zombie Walk afterparty! Most videos of theirs are on YouTube, but when crawling the band's Facebook page recently, I came across 6 shorter videos filmed by Jason-Jessie Cleary at a jam session in "The Cave" circa March 24th, 2009. Presumably all from different songs on the same night, the videos aren't very high resolution, but the lighting and audio are just fine, and the four band members are playing as well as you'd expect such a unique band to! With the longest clip lasting just 1:40, I decided to combine all six videos into a single 4:50 long video with a clear attempt at putting them in chronological order (or at least in a good flow order) and posted it on YouTube to share with a wider audience. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED! All credit goes to Jason and the band, they did all the hard work on these videos, I just combined and promoted them!

Check out all 6 videos ("Shane Sweeeet Guitar Solo", "Road Runner", "My Girl", "Dirk Solo", "Wacked On Valume Insert", and "Fav Band All Soloing") at or by clicking the above video names. With that said, give all 6 together on our YouTube channel a look below, and go see the intense soundscape at the Zombie Walk afterparty on Saturday night!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our new poll tomorrow and more news very soon! Thanks everyone!

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