Friday, October 21, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Sneaky Pete), Hammerspace News, And New Videos!!

It's time for some more news before our next YouTube Channel Profile goes up tomorrow! In today's post, we have new videos from a pair of local artists in each of the Twin Saults, the return to activity of a Sault Michigan band, and leading things off, a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, so here's what you need to know!

Local hard rock quartet Sneaky Pete will take to the stage this coming weekend for their own Halloween weekend bash! Almost two months after last rocking the local stage, this talented outfit will return to the The Roosevelt Hotel for the first time since June next Friday and Saturday for two nights of hard rocking covers, new and old alike! Though both shows are hyped as part of their Halloween weekend, the Saturday nighter on October 29th looks like the actual Halloween bash, so if you want some Halloween weekend plans, aim for Saturday for some partying! Friday will be good too of course, and I actually have the Friday show tentatively pencilled in to attend, so hopefully I'll be there next weekend! Both of these shows will be 19+ events, they'll both start at 10:30 PM, and there shouldn't be a cover charge. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! This should be a great weekend of hard rocking from Sneaky Pete, and hopefully I'll be there on Friday the 28th to finally see the sneaky show live! Stay tuned for more Sneaky Pete news, and throw these shows onto a stacked Halloween weekend of concerts in the Sault area!

Next up, it looks like Sault Michigan metal quartet Hammerspace are back in action! Activity from them has been sporadic since a brief breakup in April and being scheduled for (and dropping out of) LemmaFest, but it looks like they're finally getting back into full gear as a band now! As posted on our Reverbnation page earlier this week, the band said "You bet your ass" that they're reforming, and that they've posted new versions of their originals on their Reverbnation page as well. Though I haven't been able to confirm if all of the songs there are indeed new versions, I'm certain "Corkscrew" is new, but how does it sound? Not too bad, and I think John Bergeron's finding his groove as a singer more now, but the song is sort of messy. That said, I have to compare to older versions, as I haven't heard Hammerspace's stuff in a while, but it's a heavy track and hopefully there's much more in the pipeline from them! They had lots of promise last year and early this year, and fingers crossed that they return to the stage sooner or later! Check out Hammerspace at the above links!

We'll wrap up this post with new videos, and first, here's some new live solo performances from End of Existence, Theater of Night, and Dust N' Bones keyboardist Craig Harrison! Both of these videos were posted on his YouTube channel on Saturday. One is a violin solo concept that he played on his keyboard, and coming from a guy who loves orchestral elements in metal, this should fit really well on a Theater of Night track! Sounds really nice, and here's hoping he shows more of this side of his music off in his projects! The video I'm sharing here though is a piano composition jam that he filmed, and it works well on it's own too! A bit darker in feel, and the lighting adds to the track, which would fit well on one of his bands' songs itself! Craig's got some great talents, and if check the above links for solo and band work of his, but here' his new piano jam from this past weekend!

And finally, here's some new audio tracks from SBD & No Arrow frontman Dann Pichette! While his bands are currently inactive, he shared some audio tracks with me that he wanted the world to check out, and he asked me to upload them onto the SMS' YouTube channel two weeks ago! Odd that he didn't put them on his own channel, but hey, I'm always willing to help promote local talent! One is a solo cover of The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows", which was one of their more psychedelic tracks, and Dann does it justice! Sounds trippy, and he tries to make it sound as good as possible, so if you like psychedelic rock and The Beatles, give it a look at the above link! The video I'm sharing below though is an unreleased No Arrow track named "You Might've Heard This Before", so if you're craving grunge, you'll be interested in this! Dann plays all instruments on this, but it definitely feels like classic No Arrow, and it has that unpolished alternative hard rock feel they did so well in their active periods! Give both of Dann's new songs a look above, and here's the new-ish No Arrow track below! Fingers crossed that Dann gets back into some band work soon!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for our latest YouTube Channel Profile on defunct Sault Michigan rockers Bad Side's YouTube channel tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

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