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Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile: The Lust Boys

As promised, here's this month's Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile! As we do each month, we're taking a look at a metal or hard rock band from out of town that features at least one former Sault Ste. Marie-area resident! This band is a newer find on my radar, but if you like your metal old school and a little glammed up, you should dig these guys, so let's get this profile going! (Updated on November 26th, 2014)
The Lust Boys (Victoria, British Columbia)

Lineup: (Saultites in RED; members not in their last full lineup in italics)

Colin "Tommy Thrust" Stuart (vocals/guitar/ex-bass)
Ben "Benny Blitz" Kemp-Reynolds (guitar)
Derek Dufresne (bass)
Stefano "Doc Sxdryv" Pasta (drums)

Jayme Daniel "Gypsy" Black (vocals)
"Dallas Dagger" (guitar)
Johnny "Blade" Nuttall (guitar)
Cody "Codine Vandal" Vidito (guitar)
Shawn "A.C. Desylva" Thackeray (guitar)
Brian "Goat" Comeau (guitar)
"Rex Razor" (bass)
Jesse "Hep J" Anderson (drums)
"Nikki Neon" (drums)
"Coldhands" (???)

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Local Info: The only former Sault Ste. Marie resident in The Lust Boys that I know of is guitarist Benny Blitz, who you'll likely better recognize under his real name Ben Kemp-Reynolds. A Sault Ontario native, Ben made waves in the area as a guitarist in the CASS Cafe-frequenting Dedbeats (videos here), followed by a short but memorable run in the local blues rock quartet The Glass Statues, who also featured Late & Loud members Benn Garside & Josh Hatherley in their lineup! In their 10 months together, The Glass Statues placed 3rd at the YMCA Battle of the Bands in March 2009 and also played at Rotaryfest that year before disbanding that August due to Ben's move to British Columbia. He's been there ever since, but you can catch him there bringing back his metal roots with The Lust Boys!

Band Bio: Originally a technical metal band named Lust, The Lust (or "Lus‡") Boys were formed by founding members Jayme Black & Tommy Thrust in 2006. Playing a 1980s inspired style of sleaze rock, the band has became a frequent & unique sight at British Columbia concerts, including headlining a yearly "Lustapalooza" concert in Victoria, releasing two CDs (including a 2012 full length album), and even filming an official music video for their song "Spred Yur Legz" in 2009. I believe Ben Kemp-Reynolds joined The Lust Boys in early 2010, taking on the "Benny Blitz" stage name shortly after. After major early 2013 lineup changes, the band continued to rock B.C. concert stages often since returning that June, but the band amicably broke up in February 2014, with Tommy & Stefano later forming the new hard rock band Hell Camino.

1980s inspired metal (hair or otherwise) always has a wide appeal, and The Lust Boys definitely deserve some of that attention! There isn't a lot of local bands to compare them to (maybe Dirty Virgin), but if you like bands like Motley Crue, you should really appreciate the sleaze that The Lust Boys bring to the table! Vocally, Jayme Black's harsher punk-edged vocals worked well, but from what I've heard of Tommy on vocals, he was a better fit for the glam metal side of things! High quality videos of their last lineup weren't easy to come by, but both Ben and Brian have the necessary guitar chops, and Ben even threw some bluesy influences into his material here and there! Very energetic sound overall, and aside from the vocal style, they'd fit right in with 1980s metal bands! Tommy Thrust's bass work also flowed really nicely, as does the drumming! Their old studio material is really good for this genre, so if you love yourself some 1980s sleazy rock n' roll, definitely give The Lust Boys a spin!

The Lust Boys have a decent amount of videos online, and you can check out many recent ones at their official YouTube channel, which also features their entire "Purple Leopard Print" EP for streaming. Their MySpace page has a cool unreleased demo track named "White Trash Superstar" as well, so give that a look, along with more audio tracks on their other pages! YouTube has many videos from their live concerts as well, along with their "Spred Yur Legz" music video, but for a somewhat recent look, here's one of the band playing their song "Wingin' It" in Victoria in 2011, so check it out below!

I hope you guys enjoyed this month's profile! What's happening in this series next month though? Well, I've decided to take a mini-break with it like we did last November to dedicate a post to just updates of past profiles in this series. As we focus on local bands more often than out of town ones, many of the profiles in this series are outdated, have broken links, or need changes to make them accurate and more informative. So around November 26th, I'll have a post updating you guys to all the changes made to our past out of town profiles, and then we'll be back with another proper band profile in December! I'm leaning towards Repetitions from Windsor, but time will tell! Stay tuned for that and more over the coming weeks! Thanks everyone!

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Benny Blitz said...

Thanks for the Review!!! totally awesome, we'll be hitting up Sault Ste. Marie on our Spring Tour this year... Keep an eye out for the Lust Boys !!