Friday, October 7, 2011

Concert Statuses, Frightlight News, And Another New Album Upload!!

Anyone in the mood for some more local metal news? I have it today, including some concert statuses, a bunch of Frightlight news, this week's classic video, and another classic album upload to share with you guys, so let's get cracking with the news!

Over the past week or so, you may have been aware of a potential return show in Sault Ontario for Victoria hardcore/punk legends The Dayglo Abortions, who memorably headlined a huge Thursday metal night at The Roosevelt Hotel in June. The possible return concert was to take place at an undetermined venue tomorrow night at 9:00 PM, and reportedly would have featured local old school hardcore quintet Destroilet as openers in their Dismembertainment debut. There were two reasons why I never plugged it on here: A venue wasn't confirmed, and there was a chance that the show might not take place, as The Dayglo Abortions may have had to fly home early. So is it happening? It doesn't look like it. Promoter Rich Moreland commented on this show's Facebook event page on Wednesday that he would say it's not happening. Shame to see the concert not go down, as you know how great The Dayglo Abortions were in June, but hopefully Dismembertainment brings them back down the road! After all, you saw the crowd thew last time, imagine how insane it would be for a second round?

Also in terms of concert news, I have heard that the Skid Row concert that Dismembertainment was trying to book for The Rosie in November is no longer happening either. I won't go into details, but the whole tour was called off, so nothing bad happened locally. That's super disappointing too, and I know fans have been looking forward to seeing them here since the Runway Park cancellation from 2008, but hopefully they'll play Sault Ontario themselves down the road as well!

Next up, here's some Frightlight news (good & bad.) First, it looks like the previously announced concert that Frightlight was to play at Bossy's Pub N' Grub on October 28th (as per this press release) is now cancelled. Guitarist Rick "Styles" White confirmed the news on his personal Facebook page last night. A reason for the cancellation was not announced, but no worries, you'll still get to see Frightlight's new lineup make their local debut the very next night at this year's Coch's Corner Halloween Party! Speaking of their new lineup, the band's Facebook & CBC Radio 3 pages have quietly been updated to reflect the addition of Half Past/ex-Fitswitch drummer Chris Thompson to the band, though why Jeff De Rose left is still unannounced. Nice to get more confirmation on the switch, and Chris should do great with Frightlight! The other new Frightlight item is that all members of Frightlight have tickets for sale for their gig opening for The Misfits in Toronto on October 26th! If you wanna see this horrorific pairing at The Phoenix Theater on the 26th, click here to contact band members to get hooked up (or go to The Rad Zone!) This will be a huge show for them, so hopefully a huge local contingent makes the road trip to Toronto for The Misfits and Frightlight on stage together!

Continuing with the Frightlight news, they're the subject of this week's classic video, as I'm tying it in with guitarist Rick White's show with Redundant last night! In July, you may remember when I uploaded a classic video of Frightlight covering a Headstones song at their debut concert in October 2009. Well, here's one more from that night, and it's of Frightlight playing their song "She Screams" from that same show! Again featuring the band's original quartet lineup (including ex-drummer Larry Mousseau), this comes from the Frightlight-headlined Coch's Corner Halloween Party on Halloween night in 2009, and it's similar to other early performances of this song by the more reserved chorus singing. Good performance all around though! Like the Headstones cover, this was filmed by a concert attendee and later uploaded to Facebook by Rick White the next day. The original video can be seen at and NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED!! All credit for this video goes to the original filmer and Frightlight, they put in the hard work, I'm just showing this off to a wider audience like it deserves! That all said, check out Frightlight playing "She Screams" at their debut concert below!

And finally, remember when I uploaded Detroit's first EP "Let The Hammers Fly" onto the SMS' YouTube channel on Tuesday? Well, there's more where that came from, as I also uploaded the inactive hardcore quartet's second and last EP "Brace For Impact" onto YouTube that same day! Released in December 2009 at the band's CD release show at Coch's Corner, "Brace For Impact" was recorded earlier that year at BWC Studios in Toronto with producer Greg Dawson (Lion Ride are working with Greg at BWC on their new album too.) The EP features 9 songs, mostly re-recordings of songs from "Let The Hammers Fly", though it includes four new tracks ("Fortress", "Darth Vader", "Pyre Driver", and "Bloodlet"), and despite less songs, it's actually a slightly longer disc due to the length of the newer songs. For audio quality, "Brace For Impact" is the superior Detroit CD, but both are well worth checking out for some old school hardcore/punk fury! This CD is also out of print, and with our Defunct Local Band Profile on Detroit coming up on Monday, it made perfect sense to upload "Brace For Impact" onto YouTube as well to ensure that their whole discography is available to check out!

Click here and scroll below the first Detroit EP to give their last album a listen, or click here for the handy playlist I made for it! The first track, "Fortress" is embedded below, but give the whole album a listen at the above links, and stay tuned for our Defunct Profile on Detroit on Monday!

That's all for today, but there should be some more news over the weekend, and if not, our Defunct Local Band Profile on Detroit is on Monday, so keep an eye out! Thanks everyone!

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