Thursday, October 13, 2011

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (Shit Liver & Sykotyk Rampage), Foggy's/Feedback News, And More!!

Here's one more news post today before we preview the weekend's slate of concerts! For this post though, we have LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (one of which is very short notice), new videos from End of Existence, and more news concerning the re-opening of what was Foggy Notions, so here's what you need to know!

There will indeed be a Roosevelt Hotel metal night TONIGHT, the 37th Thursday nighter from Dismembertainment, and for the ninth time in ten weeks, an out of town headlining band has been secured! That said, for a second straight week, they're more punk centered, but local favourites Shit Liver are confirmed as the local openers! In their record-tying 15th appearance at a Rosie metal night, the rising grimecore trio will be sure to devastate fans tonight with their fast and brutal originals and covers, so don't miss them! The headliners tonight are St. John's, Newfoundland hardcore punk band The Dead Peasants Revolt, who'll bring a unique sound and a powerful anti-social injustice message to The Rosie tonight as part of their Cross Canada Tour this fall! They have a great message & awesome energy to their sound, but I'm not high on the singing. Other than that, I highly recommend The Dead Peasants Revolt for you punk fans, so make sure to head to The Rosie TONIGHT to see them! I apologize for the really short notice, Dismembertainment only just announced the show minutes ago on their Facebook page. I expect there to be a nominal cover charge of under $5 (likely around $2), you must be 19 to attend, and a 10:00 PM-ish start time is likely. Check the above links for more details!

This should be another good Rosie metal night, so if you're free tonight, head down to Korah Road for the mayhem! There's metal and punk for all! For a preview, here's Shit Liver playing their self titled song and OBCD's "Speak of Weak" in January at The Rosie!

Next up, local blue Chinese metal crash punk quartet Sykotyk Rampage will return to the live concert stage next Saturday for this year's Soo Zombie Walk afterparty! This will be the prolific and creative band's first publically verifable concert in 4 months, and will also likely be your first chance to hear songs from their series of 2011 albums live as well! They'll be joined at the afterparty by local burlesque troupe The Salty Mollies as well as DJ Seith, who appear to be the headlining acts, as Sykotyk Rampage aren't credited as performers on the official Zombie Walk poster. Still, Sykotyk Rampage will fit in very nicely, especially considering that their newest album was titled "Zombiez"! This year, the afterparty will be held at The Grand Theater, where the Zombie Walk itself starts from and ends at, so that's even more convenient! It'll also give us the first hard rock concert set there since Grady last November, so it's been a long time coming for sure. The Soo Zombie Walk itself is where everyone dresses like zombies and rampages downtown for brains for a good cause, and it'll be another fun and scary event for the Halloween season, so click here for all current Zombie Walk details! The afterparty itself is probably 19+, admission appears to just be canned good donations, and Sykotyk Rampage will apparently lead things off at 9:00 PM. Check the above links for more details!

Sounds like fun to me, and I was already planning to attend the Zombie Walk as it was, so it all adds up! Very different from last year's afterparty too, which was down the road at what was then Foggy Notions and featured RedD Monkey, Frightlight, and Winkstinger, but a different slice of the local music scene isn't bad! Either way, good times will roll, and after Sykotyk Rampage wrap up, hopefully I can motor down to The Rockstar Bar for Half Past? Fingers crossed! Stay tuned for updates!

Next up, here's some more news relating to the re-opening of Foggy Notions, which has since been renovated and renamed Feedback (and remember, SATURDAY'S Napalm Death show is happening there now!) In the wake of City Council's public concerns about it's re-opening and noise issues with neighbouring residents, a Facebook page was formed entitled "Keep 708 Queen St. A Live Music Venue" to rally support towards keeping what is now Feedback from potentially being closed or blocked from hosting bands. Nice to see fans joining together, and lots of great points are being raised, so show your support for the fans and Feedback staff by clicking here and becoming a fan! I will say that I find the fears about Feedback being shut down are overblown (in no local news articles was there an explicit threat about stopping it from re-opening), but City Council should see that Feedback are taking steps to address concerns about noise and whatever else, and you know that the right steps are being taken!

Also, the bar's re-opening was addressed yesterday in The Sault Star in the article "Suds could spill again at Foggy Notions" by Elaine Della-Mattia, so check the above link to read it. It mostly has nothing new beyond some additional legal/political info, but there's a very clear error in the article, as it's stated that "Foggy Notions has been closed since December 2009." Wrong. Foggy's re-opened in December 2009 under Taryn Bugyra's ownership after having been closed since March 2008. The most recent closure was for renovations after Taryn sold Foggy's to Rich Moreland last month. Hopefully the paper corrects that in some fashion, but that's up to them. Still, give this article and more a look at the above links, and stay tuned for more news from Feedback soon!

And finally, we'll closr this post with new videos courtesy of Sault Michigan/Grand Rapids metal quintet End of Existence, who posted two new live jam session videos onto their YouTube channel earlier this week! The videos came from a rehearsal on Monday, and they don't feature singer Bob Helsten, but they're some more good footage of most of the band in action! The videos are portions of the band playing their original songs "Arise" and their newest track "The Elements" (which we've still yet to hear in full, studio or not), so click the above links to check them out! They sound good, with "Arise" sounding fairly close to the studio version, and "The Elements" definitely has a lot of promise itself! The band appear to be rocking both songs well, and luckily, the lighting's better than their last jam videos, so don't skip these! Check the above links for these new videos and more, but here's 4/5ths of End of Existence playing "The Elements" from this past Monday night!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for previews of this weekend's other metal/hard rock concerts tomorrow, including some extra news! Thanks everyone!

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