Sunday, March 17, 2013

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS (The Rabid Whole & Banned), A New Local Hard Rock Band, And More!!

Today marks our 20th straight day with an update on the site, and thanks to everyone for reading along and supporting us during this surprisingly news-packed stretch of the late winter/early spring! In this post, we have LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS for shows next month on both sides of the border, plus the latest details on a metal concert going down one week from today, but first, here's a new band you guys should take notice of, so here's what you need to know! (Updated at 2:01 AM)

We have a newly discovered hard rock band to add to our Sault Michigan band listings, and they are Full Throttle! Formed late last year, they're (as best as I can tell) an all-covers quintet that you may have seen frequenting The Bird (a.k.a. Golanka's Bar) since their inception. I have read conflicting things on their lineup, with only rhythm guitarist Jason Lamoreaux being credited on both lineups that I've seen online, so what do we know? On their Facebook page, Jason is/was joined by singer/guitarist Ryan Kitzmiller, Monkey's Uncle guitarist Nathan Switzer, bassist George Belleau, and drummer Mark Gillotte, but in a personal Facebook page post last night by Powerslug bassist Chris Leask, he indicated that Full Throttle's lineup currently included Jason alongside Absolute/Monkey's Uncle singer/guitarist Donny Newell (I think), Powerslug guitarist Chris Gurnoe, and Steve's Music Center owner Steve Pevarnic (instrument unclear), and while Chris Leask couldn't place the drummer, I've read nothing to suggest Mark Gillotte left. Of course, if I'm wrong, let me know!

The apparent overhaul of their lineup already is surprising, but given that their Facebook page hasn't been visibly updated since it's January launch, I wonder if a departed band member created it? I missed covering Full Throttle on here until now via a combination of a once-minimal online presence and no posted media, but while the former is now addressed, there's still no videos or audio recordings that I've found. However, ex-frontman Ryan Kitzmiller's personal Facebook page has some status updates and shared links indicating that they cover(ed) Black Stone Cherry & Staind in their live concerts, so their sound seems to lean towards modern hard rock covers. Full Throttle have been playing live somewhat regularly at The Bird in recent months, including a concert yesterday that I sincerely apologize for missing on here, but I only just found out that they were hard rock-leaning. I can't speak for how Full Throttle sound yet, but the things I've read indicate positive reviews, and their current lineup has a lot of talent, though I have no word on whether Donny & Nathan's separate participation in the band means anything negative for Monkey's Uncle's status.

I'll keep an eye on Full Throttle where I can for updates, but for now, check them out at the above links, stay tuned for more, and they're now in our active Sault Michigan band links!

Next up, here's today's LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, starting with something a little different hitting The Roosevelt Hotel on April 11th, that being Toronto electronic/hard rock quintet The Rabid Whole! Described as "21st century alternative rock" on their Facebook page, The Rabid Whole mix modern alt-rock with techno & industrial influences to create their own sound that should please fans of bands like Nine Inch Nails, and it will be cool to see them in town next month! Promoted by local metal/punk frontman J.D. Pearce (a.k.a. Johnny Pints), this show will be taking place on a Thursday night, making it J.D.'s fifth Thursday night Rosie concert in the past year, so if you still miss the regularly scheduled metal nights, this should help! Local support confirmation is forthcoming, but if you want to be a part, get a hold of Johnny Pints on Facebook to see if you can get on this one! There will be a $5 cover charge, 10:00 start time, and a 19+ age limit in effect. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page!

This could be one of the more unique concerts of the year compared to what's more frequently seen, so give The Rabid Whole a listen above, stay tuned for opener updates, and hopefully this show's a big hit in just under four weeks!

Finally for new concerts, Kinross, Michigan classic hard rock quintet Banned will return to Todd's Tavern in Moran next month! Fresh off of their weekend at the Dondee in Sault Michigan, they'll head south to Moran once again for shows on April 27th & 28th, continuing a recent pattern of at least one Todd's Tavern date a month, but this will surprisingly be the first time this year that they'll be playing two nights there on the same weekend. These shows were announced on Banned's Facebook page yesterday, and like their past Moran stops, I'd expect an earlier start time of 8:00 PM, no announced cover charge, and 21+ age limits for both dates. Check the above links for more details! Banned have been one of the busiest bands of recent months, and hopefully their next trio to Todd's Tavern is as big as their past ones! Stay tuned for any possible updates, and don't miss their Back Door debut this coming Friday night!

Finally for today, here's the latest updates concerning the Soul Killing Female-headlined concert at the new 180 Projects venue on Gore Street one week from today! A Facebook event page has been launched for the concert by AlgomA drummer Jamie Vincent, complete with a poster on your left, and it confirms some more information on the bands and show itself, so what's new to report? This is definitely an ALL AGES concert (180 Projects isn't a bar, after all), and with that in mind, doors open at 6:00 PM with a 7:00 PM start time, so it'll be an earlier night. The admission price will also be $5 at the door, but I can't confirm if this is the general norm for concerts there. As well, while full information on openers AlgomA (featuring BeeFMouTH & Fuller alumni) has yet to be revealed, the Facebook event page does credit their genre as "Northern Yawntarian Eeyore-core from down the line". I might be overanalyzing, but judging by including "yawn", "Eeyore", and "core" in the description, does that indicate a doom/sludge metal sound, or was Jamie being creative (or tired) when he wrote that?

If nothing is launched or unveiled by next week to confirm anything, we'll for sure know how they sound one week from today, and hopefully I can make it out to see Soul Killing Female, AlgomA, and local folk rockers Honest Job at 180 Projects! Keep an eye out for more updates! That's likely all for today, but stay tuned tomorrow as we wrap up our third straight week of daily updates at the SMS with last month's poll results & this month's newest poll at the site! Thanks everyone!

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