Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Weekend's Concert Previews, The End Of Inhuman Methods, And Much More!!

Keeping with our recent streak of new posts at the SMS, today features previews of this weekend's metal/hard rock concerts in the region! It's a quieter weekend than we've tended to have recently, but of course, we'll let you guys know if any are announced on short notice. We also have news on a local metal band breakup, and even more assorted news stories, but first, let's preview this weekend's two announced heavier-leaning shows! (Edited at 8:20 PM)

We'll start tomorrow at The Nicolet Tavern in Sault Ontario, where local hard rock quartet The Suicide Kings will play their first show in a month! Recently busy at The Smoke & Oak Room Studio working on their debut EP, the newer band featuring Bear Hunters, Wishbone, and Limelight alumni are promising some heavier new covers to go along with some new original songs at tomorrow's concert, which is a one night only affair (so don't accidentally show up on Saturday!) Admission should be free for this 10:00 PM show, and you must be 19 to attend. For more details, visit the official Facebook event page! The recent month's break from the stage has been an eternity compared to The Suicide Kings' initial pace, but they have a huge spring coming up (opening for 40 Sons, the Rockstar Bar Battle of the Bands, the EP), so hopefully tomorrow's show helps kick everything off awesomely as they continue to build their local name! Don't miss out at The Nicolet Tavern tomorrow, and for a preview, here's the guys at Toystock last fall!

Also this weekend, Kinross hard/classic rock quintet Banned will kick off an (at least) 4 week marathon of weekend gigs in the Eastern U.P. with a return to Todd's Tavern in Moran, Michigan this Saturday! Easily one of their favourite venues of the past year, Banned's new lineup should be right at home with their mix of covers and originals on Saturday, but if you can't make the hour long trip to Moran (or 20 minutes from St. Ignace), Banned will be playing at varying Sault Michigan venues for all of the remianing weekends of the month! For this Saturday though, there's no announced cover charge, a 21+ age limit, and an early start time of 8:00 PM. Check the above links for more details! I've heard good early things from Banned's new lineup, and hopefully they rock Todd's Tavern to the core on Saturday night, so if you're in the E.U.P., don't miss out! For a preview, here's their newest video, a Carrie Underwood cover that's fittingly also from Todd's Tavern!

Next up, it looks like local/Central Algoma death metal band Inhuman Methods have broken up. No public statements or reasons have been announced, but the band's Facebook group was quietly deleted within the past few months, drummer Robert Crossley confirmed the news on his personal Facebook page last week, and singer Anthony Tverdal apparently moved out of town recently as well. Active since mid-2011, Inhuman Methods had shown steady improvement through their four local concerts last year (Dead In The Van, the Sault Humane Society Battle of the Bands, a Rosie metal night in July, and the F.A.T.I.L. Gathering in Laird), but news slowed in the latter half of 2012, with their last substantive updates coming in (I think) January. I admit that there was a lot of work to be done for Inhuman Methods, especially with their timing, but I had heard encouraging things from their summer concerts following their singer change, and they had good instrumental talents! I think if they'd stayed together longer (and found a permanent bassist), they could have worked out the kinks and became a major player among local death metal bands, but who knows what happened behind the scenes.

As their deleted Facebook group was their only online page, I sadly have to delete Inhuman Methods from our band links entirely (I wish bands wouldn't wipe their online pages like this), but if an old/posthumous page ever turns up, I'll be sure to add it here! Hopefully the guys all stay active in music, and best of luck to Anthony, Alex, Wesley, Robert, and Curtis in the future!

Finally for today, here's three assorted shorter news stories from the last little while, and as usual, these are in alphabetical order by band name:

  • Disregard our earlier mention of Sault Ontario metal project AlterWhite likely being inactive. According to a new personal Facebook page post from singer/drummer Mike Matthews, he's currently working on new AlterWhite material (as opposed to his similar sounding solo tracks from recent months), so AlterWhite is alive and well. Good to hear, so stay tuned for updates from them and Mike's solo work!
  • According to their Facebook page yesterday, local death metal quartet Crimson Crusade's EP recording sessions at The Smoke & Oak Room have finished, and they're hoping for it to "be around by later this month." When more details come out, I'll have them here, but I'm curious to hear the final product!
  • If their latest Facebook status is accurate, Destroilet will play their first concerts in over two years this summer! According to their Facebook page on Friday, the local old school hardcore quintet is lined up to open for both The Dayglo Abortions & Bunchofuckinggoofs at yet-unannounced shows later this year, with the former bringing some deja vu, as Destroilet were briefly rumored to open for The Dayglo Abortions had they played here in late 2011. Stay tuned for updates!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news and notes as the month wears along, including a new show in our next post, and this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles on Sunday! Thanks everyone!

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