Saturday, March 9, 2013

Local Metal Video Showcase!!

The news keeps on coming on this Saturday morning, as we have our first local metal video showcase of the month! Granted, it's half new discoveries of old videos, but they came from research for some upcoming feature posts, and have not been featured on the site before. Today, we have some new guitar performances and new song postings by two Sault Ontario grunge bands, so read on below for these new/old videos!

First, we have a new song posting from recently prominent local grunge quartet Haggith! The song is a brand new addition to their upcoming third album "Deuce" (despite not being on last month's posted track listing), and it's entitled "The Story Of...", which is intended to be a prequel to their cover of drummer Mike Haggth's solo track "Leon The Janitor". Uploaded in two versions (by itself & combined with it's sequel) onto their YouTube channel on Wednesday, this features their whole lineup with guitarist Curtis McKenzie on lead vocals. It works as a softer intro to the more aggressive "Leon The Janitor", but I'll hold full thoughts until we review "Deuce". As it's a fuller video with the two songs combined as intended, check out "The Story Of Leon The Janitor" below, and hear more at the links above!

Next up, here's a newly discovered video from former Devastation of the Heavens/Quite Frankly rhythm guitarist Joe DelBasso! We largely haven't heard from Joe musically since Quite Frankly's demise in 2010, but he still actively uses his YouTube channel, though he's based his channel around video gaming footage, playthroughs, and video replies since his initial guitar solo videos went up in late 2009. That said, he did upload one new guitar cover onto his channel in September 2011, and it's a rhythm guitar cover of Metallica's "Fuel"! At least at that point, he still had his guitar chops (as the video title indicates), but like from his 2009 videos, I wish he'd pick up some more lead work and at least try a solo or two. Joe was a good fit in his local bands, and hopefully we'll see him on stage again in the future, but check out his most recent solo cover video below, and if you're a fan of video game playthroughs and random other gaming clips, subscribe to his channel!

Also today, here's more old discoveries of guitar covers from another local musician named Joe (also with a YouTube channel URL featuring the number 17), that being ex-Analog Deficiency/Hoist The Sails bassist Joe Niemi! Though not a frequent sight on stage, Joe's been recently visible in young local extreme metal bands, and like Joe DelBasso, he also uploaded some guitar cover videos to his own YouTube channel in October 2010. The last time we mentioned his channel, it was from his videos of 10 Years' set from the Sevendust show at Kewadin Casino that month, so we missed his two cell phone cover clips, including a cover of Lamb of God's "Laid To Rest" and a video named "Analog Riff", which likely refers to a planned song by Analog Deficiency. The Lamb of God cover is generally good (albeit with some timing flubs), while the original riff video shows promise, and it would have added well to an original song! I'd be curious to see Joe on bass though, given his local band roles, but check out the "Analog Riff" below, and more at the above links!

Finally for today, we'll bookend with another new Sault Ontario grunge band audio upload, this time from defunct Sault Ontario trio No Arrow! An alternate mix of their song "Sikkha" from their unreleased CD "Souls For Sale", it doesn't sound much different from the original version, but it has a longer intro & a rawer sound on a first listen. Featuring their classic lineup (singer/guitarist Dann Pichette, bassist Harley Syrette, and drummer Joe Falco), and uploaded onto Dann's YouTube channel on Thursday, this was one of my favourite No Arrow songs from their heyday, mixing alternative rock with a solid heavy groove & nicely varied singing overtop, so check out the newly available alternate mix of "Sikkha" below!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles on the aforementioned Analog Deficiency & a surprise replacement band (I'll explain tomorrow), and of course, more news as it rolls in! Thanks everyone!

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