Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trapt & Soul Killing Female Concert Previews, Plus A New Concert Promoter!!

Now, we'll finally close up this weekend's concert previews with the two notable hard rock-featured shows going down in the Sault Ste. Marie area tomorrow! Not generally a hopping day for shows, this Sunday promises to be different for at least one weekend, including a new venue's debut (with a possible new metal band in tow), and I've added some additional notes on a performer's upcoming concert booking plans as well! We'll start however with a big preview for a major concert going down across the river tomorrow, and tickets are still waiting, so here's what you need to know!

Allstar Promotions' second major 2013 concert at The Dreammaker's Theater at the Sault Michigan Kewadin Casino goes down TOMORROW NIGHT, and it includes California alternative metal quartet Trapt on the lineup! In this platinum selling band's local debut, be prepared for a set full of rock chart hits like "Still Frame", and (of course) "Headstrong", and with their new album "Reborn" released just two months ago, expect some singles from that album as well! Their alternative-leaning hard rock songs are often very catchy, and they have a lot more to say than just "Headstrong", so hopefully they deliver a quality set tomorrow night! They're the middle act in tomorrow's concert, with the headliners being Oklahoma post-grunge notables Hinder, in their second local appearance following a Kewadin Casino date in September 2010! I wouldn't say they quite cross the metal line, but they were among the biggest new American rock bands in the 2000s with hits like "Lips Of An Angel" & "Get Stoned", and they should attract a solid response tomorrow night! As well, Los Angeles indie rock trio Acidic will be tomorrow's opening band , and though their more minimal and softer music is a jump from the rock-based headliners, they have a lot of talent and should make some new fans tomorrow!

Tickets are still available in the fifth row & back for $29.50 (center section aside), and you can buy them at the Kewadin box office in person, at 1-800-KEWADIN, or online at this location! A 7:00 PM start time is advertised, there's no age limits, and call ahead to see if there's a meet & greet. Check the above links for more details! This should be an interesting concert, and though I'm not high on Hinder, the fans in attendance should have a great time, and don't miss the opening bands, including Trapt! For a preview, here's Trapt's video for their new song "Bring It"!

The other Sunday night concert with heavier bands goes down tomorrow evening at the new 180 Projects venue at 180 Gore Street, where Winnipeg cyber-sludge metal trio Soul Killing Female will rock the Sault for the second time! Last seen at The Oddfellows Hall opening for Weak Ends last summer, their mix of doom, alternative, and techno styles should add a unique element to the concert calendar tomorrow! I know their first local stop last year didn't have an immense crowd, but maybe this headlining set at a new venue will help? They'll be joined by two local opening bands, including debuting "Eeyore core" trio AlgomA, who feature BeeFMouTH alumni Kevin Campbell & Boyd Rendell alongside drummer/concert promoter Jamie Vincent (more on him in a bit.) Though we have no pages, media samples, or clear public word on their sound yet thanks to their intentionally-low profile since their 2012 inception, it will be very interesting to see how AlgomA shapes out in their live debut! The other scheduled band is newer local garage/folk rock outfit Honest Job, who I know a bit more on than AlgomA (though still not much), and they have an original hard-to-describe sound that should appeal to folk and acoustic fans!

As mentioned, this show will take place at 180 Projects, the new concert venue/art gallery host that's located at the former MJ's location near the former Club Princess. With past concerts there being indie rock-leaning, this is the first metal-featured show at this venue, and the first metal concert to hit Gore Street since Sativa Rose played at the former GLOW in September 2010, so it's great to finally see a new metal show on Gore after 2½ years! Tomorrow's show has an announced start time of 6:00 PM, there's a $5 cover charge, and this is an ALL AGES event, so for more details, visit the official Facebook event page! I definitely want to be at this show, so hopefully I'll see you guys there tomorrow for all of the action! I'm very curious to hear the local openers & to see 180 Projects for myself (and to figure out what exactly AlgomA sounds like), and Soul Killing Female have an awesome sludgy original sound from what I've heard, so hopefully you guys don't miss this ALL AGES show either! For a preview, here's Soul Killing Female playing their song "Hometown" in Saskatchewan last year!

Finally for today, here's some notes on AlgomA drummer Jamie Vincent's recent concert booking plans! As you may remember, Jamie's a veteran local musician, often on guitar, from bands like Fuller & Kidshit (both with prolific Sault native Mark Ranᶁ), along with a four year stint with the Edmonton hardcore band Flint when he lived out west, though he moved back home last year. Along with his recent AlgomA work, Jamie's apparently enterting the concert booking world, as he launched a Facebook group named "Sault Ste. Marie All Ages" this past Sunday. Ostensibly a group to promote concerts that he's booking, the description promotes "live music in Sault Ste. Marie for everyone", starting with tomorrow's Soul Killing Female gig, with another show (likely punk-centric) scheduled for May 10th at The Oddfellows Hall featuring out of town punk bands The Royal Red Brigade (who also played at last year's Weak Ends show) and The Rhubarbs, with openers to be announced. Initial response to the group's aim and Jamie's bookings sound very positive, and with good reason, as all ages shows haven't been nearly as plentiful in the last few years, and it'd be great to have more shows open to everyone, and to encourage younger fans to attend shows, play in bands, and follow local music!

Even beyond ages, we've had less active concert promoters lately as well, with some more frequent recent bookers either moving out of town, focusing on their bands, or just not promoting all together, so hopefully Jamie takes off locally in concert promotion, as we could use the extra shows, especially all ages ones! That's all for today, but stay tuned hopefully for a new news post tomorrow! Can we extend our posting streak to it's 27th day? We'll soon find out! Thanks everyone!

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