Friday, March 29, 2013

New Shit Liver Songs, New Videos, And A Local Solo Project's Updates!!

32 days into our daily posting streak, we aren't gonna rest for the holidays, so what's on the docket for this Good Friday post? Along with updates from a local grunge project and some new videos from a pair of recently active local bands, we also have new songs from another popular local band, so here's what you need to know!

Local death metal/grindcore trio Shit Liver posted a pile of new songs onto their new Reverbnation page last week, and these appear to be studio tracks towards their yet-released debut EP! 13 original songs in total (one less than early projections that I had read), and they're of Shit Liver's songs "Or What?", "Hateroleum", "(Friendly Old) Uncle Joe", "Shit Liver", "Fabricated Nonsense", "Helen Kellers", "Shift Liver", "You're Scared", "Contribute or Perish", "Pennotration", "Soo'er Living", "Drowning In Shit", and "Survival of the Shittest", so click here to stream them all! Note that these don't include any of their live covers (not even of their local predecessors OBCD), or original songs like "It's Not My Problem", "Shit Will Prevail", or "Unabomber", but maybe one of them is the missing 14th track. While I won't critique the songs yet (I still hope to review this album when it comes out), the studio recordings do add clarity and definition that can sometimes be lost at their live shows, and it's good to hear them in this fashion!

If you enjoy Shit Liver or miss their more frequent live concerts, definitely check out these new studio tracks at this location, and while we wait for their next show announcement (and the album's release), they will be playing another out of town date in June when they return to Cochrane for this year's Touch Of Death music festival, so click here for more details on this local-friendly outdoor event, and stay tuned for more Shit Liver updates!

Next up, here's some more new live video footage of new local doom/sludge metal band AlgomA! As filmed at their debut gig opening for Soul Killing Female at 180 Projects on Sunday, and uploaded to their new YouTube channel yesterday, this captures their full half hour set that night, including their original songs "Fell Down A Well", "Reclaimed by the Forest", "Tertiary Syphillis", "Go on, Git!!", and "Extinct Volcanoes" (complete with on-screen titles!) No word on who filmed the video, but it looks pretty good (better than mine), and it captures their sludgy and dark hardcore sound well! I still would like to see them be a bit more lively and engaging between songs, but as I understand it, that's an intentional artistic choice. Check out AlgomA's first live concert in full below, and stay tuned for updates on their next shows and activity!

Also in new YouTube postings, local grunge quartet Haggith posted two new live audio recordings from their Relay For Life performance this past Saturday onto their YouTube channel on Monday! The recorded tracks are "Rage Train" & the instrumental "Chaos in the Streets of Aftermath" (featuring guitarist Daniel Horton on keyboard), and each features a slideshow of pictures from the event of the band's performance, Sault College's live band setup in the gym, and the copies of their limited edition "For The Cause" EP that were being sold. The audio recordings are of good quality, and both songs are solid heavier leaning grunge rockers, but I wonder why they didn't have someone actually film their set? Good stuff though, so check out "Rage Train" below, hear more at the above links, and don't miss Haggith's first ever Battle of the Bands appearance on Wednesday night at The Rockstar Bar, where they take on Late & Loud and Sarah's Valley (who I should have more about on the site in the next couple of days) for a spot in the finals on April 24th!

Finally for today, remember when we talked about former FFB frontman Chris Shoust's grunge/lo-fi solo project last spring? We hadn't heard much on that since then, but there's a good reason, as the project's not self-titled. It's actually called Telephone & Address, which was the title of the project's first release, and my source for this is the project's Facebook page, which has actually been used and maintained since 2011 (my apologies for missing it for this long!) While only sporadically updated, Chris has revealed on Facebook that Telephone & Address finished their new album "Broken Head" in late 2012, and he does sell copies of their albums by request for $13.25 by messaging him at, though I can't confirm if these are formally packaged or not. The first three Telephone & Address albums (which were apparently released through hARMISNTUS Productions) can be streamed at the project's/Chris' MySpace page, and like before, these combine grunge and alternative rock with outsider folk material, and I am curious to hear them in a heavier format with a full band, as they mostly feel unfinished (even if this is the intended effect.) Check out more from Telephone & Address above, and their name is changed in our band links!

That's all for today, but stay tuned for hopefully another news post tomorrow, and this month's CD review on SweetKenny's newest CD on Sunday! Thanks everyone!

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