Saturday, December 18, 2010

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Life's Eclipse*

Well guys, it's time for our sixth monthly installment of our Defunct Local Band Profile Series, and for just the second time, we're taking a look at a Sault Michigan-area metal band! As usual, this band was picked RANDOMLY from our extensive local band links, and just like the past few months, there was absolutely NO bias due to band/artist talent, success, activity, recording quality, longevity, or membership. This band's actually might surprise you in a good way, and they deserve the press as much as any, so let's jump right into our final Defunct Local Band Profile of 2010! (EDITED: May 5th, 2012)
Life's Eclipse

Genre: Hardcore Metal

Hometown: Eckerman, Michigan


Jason Mills (Swampghas, Moss), vocals/guitar
David Mills (Moss), vocals/bass
Joe Semasky, guitar
Casey Amo, drums

Audio/Video: Life's Eclipse now have a lot of material online following their reunion, including two songs on their MySpace page and a rotating selection of original songs on their label Werehold Records' YouTube channel! Only one song ("Red Dawn" from the "Invasion" demo) is on both pages, so there's a lot of unique stuff to check out on both! The YouTube channel linked above has the most stuff though, including samples of their entire "Shadow Over Superior" album, a number of instrumental demos, and (as linked below) their full version of their song "Out Of The Cold" with vocals, so check it out below!

Info/Analysis: Life's Eclipse formed in 2003 or earlier, but didn't launch a MySpace page until 2006. The band recorded 4 demos (release statuses unknown) before commencing work on "Shadow Over Superior" circa 2008 at frontman Jason Mills' Werehold Records, an Eckerman-based studio that features bands like Swampghas, Palaver and The 1,000,000,000s Who Died. Before the album could be completed, the band went inactive that summer due to personal reasons. However, Jason & David Mills resurrected the band in the spring of 2011, uploading tracks to their respective YouTube channels to gauge support for a full fledged return, including the completion of unfinished albums. I have to say, I'm VERY impressed with them! The music that I've heard is very high quality with a technical sound that fills everything nicely, and the guitar solos are pretty blistering! "Not Dead But Dreaming" & "Undefeated" especially show how much promise they have as musicians, showing some fast blistering heavy riffs while also maintaining a slow purposeful tense nature when needed. Many of their songs have a metalcore essence, especially with vocals, but the band still impresses on a musical level! Jason's screaming is good as well, higher but harsh at the same time. I'm honestly been very surprised at how much I enjoy them, and I hope to hear more of their material down the road! They have great technical skills and show that they stand up with the area's best metal bands! Hopefully we hear more from Life's Eclipse or their members down the road, and do yourselves a favour and check them out!

Re-Activation Note: Life's Eclipse reformed in in April 2011, four months after we profiled them during their then-defunct status. This profile has been edited to reflect this news, and the profile's title and listings on the SMS now feature an asterisk (*) at the end to denote their return to activity.
There we go, I hope you guys enjoyed our last Defunct Local Band Profile of 2010! But which band will we profile next month for our first entry of 2011 in this series? Well, through COMPLETELY RANDOM SELECTION, I have chosen defunct local glam metal trio Nite Wulfe to be our next profiled band! Look out for our next installment of this series between January 11th-17th! That's all for today, but stay tuned for more news in the coming days! Thanks everyone!

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