Thursday, April 30, 2009


As you might have noticed, I've pushed aside a lot of stories over the last couple of days thanks to the Kiss/Susan Myers stuff and Garden of Bedlam's new EP. But, it's partly due to interest in those stories that we had our busiest day ever on the SMS yesterday, as we received a record 79 HITS! Thanks everyone! So, let's get back to business as usual, and I'll start this post with some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!!!!!!!

On August 16th, local black metal legends Woods of Ypres (featuring the entire Gates of Winter lineup among its ranks) return for their only Sault-area show on their upcoming Canadian tour! This show will take place at The Speakeasy at Algoma University (which is now in the Other Local Metal Links), tickets are projected to go for $10, and additional bands are to be announced! Also, Crank Sound Distribution are doing the sound, so you know this will sound fucking awesome! Now, this show is a ways away, but when I hear any additional news, you'll find it here!

...before I forget, I'll update you all on Woods of Ypres' confirmed dates on their Canadian tour this year! They have a ton of shows scheduled, and hopefully the tour goes off without a hitch! So, here's the out of town listings so far!

May 14: The Coach & Horses in Windsor
May 15: Club Absinthe in Hamilton
May 16: The Portugal Bar & Lounge in Toronto
May 17: The New Bayou in Ottawa
May 19: Bar St. Laurent 2 in Montreal
May 20: The Great Canadian Pub in Moncton
May 22: The Jubille Hall in Sussex, NB
May 23: The Pavilion in Halifax
June 25: The Brunswick Tavern in Saint Thomas, ON
August 14: The PHOG Lounge in Windsor
August 18: The Zoo in Winnipeg
August 20: The Space in Prince Albert, SK
August 21: The Mead Hall in Edmonton
August 22: The Stetson in Calgary
August 23: Somewhere Quiet in Hangover, AB
August 24: The Cobalt in Vancouver
August 27: The Vent in Coaldale, AB

Next up, another LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, and this one's much sooner! On May 15th at The Canadian, Who Made Who: The Ultimate Tribute To AC/DC will deliver some high voltage rock n' roll to the Sault area! No word on ticket prices, age restrictions, or additional bands yet, but check them out at their official website, they sound pretty damn good! And you better believe I'm going to this show! When I hear more, you'll hear it here! (And thanks to Sault This Week for mentioning the show, I wouldn't have heard about it otherwise!)

And one more show to inform you guys about! According to their Myspace page, Toronto metallers The Womb are scheduled to return to Sault Ontario on August 15th for a show at The Lock City Grand Theater! It's scheduled to start at 8:00 that night. Now, I barely know anything about this show, expecially with no Facebook event page yet, but I've seen it mentioned on a few sites, so it must have a grain of truth to it. But as usual with shows I need info on, I'll update you guys once I hear more!

Ok, what else do I have....oh yeah, some videos! Remember the Staind concert that took place at Kewadin Casino this past Tuesday? Well, thanks to Youtube users CjGaughan, shyandmisty, dfunker76, MozartForever13, and bnahh420, there's plenty of video clips from the show for you guys to check out! Click on each user's name to go to their respective channels and see the clips for yourself! I'll show you all this great quality video from shyandmisty of Staind frontman Aaron Lewis playing the song Intro from the concert! Looks like it was an excellent show!

Next up, I have more updates on the Today I Caught The Plague show on June 11th! We have lots of definite details now! Aside from TICTP, Faceless Hulk, and Norris, two more bands are on the lineup! One is Windsor death metal band Constructed Apocalypse (click on their name to check them out), while the other is new local band Loyalty Is Dead (I have no info on them yet, but hope to soon!) All these bands will be taking part in the Sault Ontario stop on The Canadian Crusade Tour!

Also, ticket prices have been announced, and they're just $10! Doors open at 6:00! Check out the bands, this should be a good show as well! And for more info, head on over to the official Facebook event page!

Well, that's NOT all! Sault natives Lion Ride are back on the road next month! Tonight, they're playing at Norma Jean's in London, followed by a show tomorrow night with The Dead Starlets at The Bovine Sex Club in Toronto! This will be followed by three more shows in mid-May: May 14th at The Red Rooster in Burlington with The Hot Blood Bombers, May 15th at The Foxx Lounge in Barrie with Zhivago, and May 16th at The Coach and Horses in Windsor with Meters To Miles! Best of luck to Lion Ride at all of these shows! These, along with all of Woods of Ypres' Canadian tour dates, are now in the Out Of Town Concert Listings at the left of the page!

And finally, just some Kiss updates: There was another article published about the Kiss/Susan Myers stuff on SooToday, which featured two of the messages sent to Myers in support of a potential Kiss show. Both are good reads with good points raised, and it's nice to see SooToday give them some recognition! There's been nothing about it since, so it must be dying down somewhat, but I'll bet it'll come up again sooner or later! And as for the voting, we're still in third, so VOTE TODAY AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE PAGE!!!! Also, Sudbury's pushed itself up to 12th place, with Thunder Bay staying at 15th. Northern Ontario sure wants Kiss, huh? EVERYONE VOTE!!!

All right, I think we're all caught up now! Please read my review of Garden of Bedlam's EP immediately below this post (BUY IT AT CDPLUS TODAY!), and my opinion on the Kiss/Susan Myers controversy below that! Updates might be slow this coming weekend, I'm going to Detroit to see family, and take in Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, and Lacuna Coil LIVE on Saturday night! Have a good weekend, everyone!

P.S. The local concert previews for this weekend's Bad Side and Necropolis shows should be posted tomorrow at some point! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Garden of Bedlam EP Review!!!!!!

How is everyone doing? I am now the proud owner of the debut EP from Garden of Bedlam! I went to CDPlus this morning and picked it up (FYI, it's just $7.99!) I think this is the first actual album release from a Sault Ontario metal band since Gates of Winter released Lux Aeterna last year! So, I've gave it a bunch of listens, and now I'll post my review of it for you all (I ain't too good at formal reviews, so if it's lacking, my apologies!)

The first track is "Stand Your Ground", and it's the heaviest of the four songs by far! The riffs are crushing, everything sounds good, it's headbangable, and the passion and feelings really come through! Honestly, I do find this song kinda repetitive, but not enough that it takes away anything from the song.

This is followed by "The Truth Shall Set You Free", and I love this song! I think Buzz's vocals really shine on this song, especially with that falsetto note (it caught me off guard, but it was awesome!) Not as heavy as "Stand Your Ground", but definitely more varied and catchy, and it's a great song! Honestly, these two songs seriously remind me of Disturbed a bit, which is a good thing!

Next is "Shallow", and this time, the song really reminds me of System of a Down, especially with Buzz's singing! Josh Belleau's guitarwork stands out to me, especially on the solo! The opening of the song really grabs you in as well! It's definitely a good track, but I personally preferred "The Truth Shall Set You Free". That's just my humble opinion though, but this song is awesome too!

The final track is "Sovereignty", and I have to say, this is by far the most original of the four songs! If any song on here really screams "Garden of Bedlam", it's this one. Josh's abilities are at top form here, and everything comes together so well on this one. Evan Belleau also destroys on bass on this song in particular too! This is my other top favorite off the EP, and for good reason!

Overall, this is a great disc, with four excellent songs that have lots of familiar sounds and originality too! Also, Derek Turner's drumming is great and consistent throughout, I thought I should mention that! For things I didn't like, there were parts that were a bit repetitive, and it would have been nice to have heard solos on the opening two tracks, but those are minor complaints, the album kicks ass throughout! Also, lyrics weren't included in the package, but I'm sure I'll figure them out!

I won't grade it, I'm terrible at deciding grades, but it's definitely worth purchasing, especially if you want some no nonsense heavy metal! Pick it up today and support local music! I'll leave it at that for today, but I will have a lot of news tomorrow, including some guaranteed LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, so stay tuned! Thanks everyone, and buy Garden of Bedlam's EP!!

P.S. Read my comments on the Kiss/Susan Myers controversy below, I've been getting a bit of positive feedback on what I said already, so give it a read!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kiss And Susan Myers: A Summary And Comments

Well, it appears interest in the potential Kiss concert is growing and growing, and not just in the Sault area! Since yesterday, there's been a ton of feedback and interest and comments, so if you don't visit SooToday often, I'll go over what has happened, and I'll offer my view and opinion afterwards.

The City Council put forward a motion to be voted on, to call for Saultites to vote to bring Kiss to Sault Ontario (Vote today at the top left!) Now, this isn't in order to approve such a concert taking place, just a measure of support, I don't think this was to be taken too seriously. But, Ward 2 Councillor Susan Myers was the only councillor opposed. I'm quoting here, Myers said she would be "sick at heart to see this kind of performance come to our city." She then cited this video from Kiss' Farewell Tour of Gene Simmons spitting blood at a concert as an example of what she means.

As you could imagine, feedback from this was immediate. Myers recieved a lot of e-mails in response, some supportive, others, not so much. She mentioned that she respects people's opinions, but believes that a potential Kiss show isn't one "that which will encourage, delight and uplift the hearts and minds of all Saultites." She mentioned recent concerts as Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot as examples of the types of entertainment that "bring good to the community", and that Kiss doesn't "fall into that category at any price."

So since all that has came up, the debate over the potential Kiss show and Susan Myers is growing rapidly. Blabbermouth picked up the issue as a news story, and has recieved 18 comments (I won't repost any, some aren't exactly pleasant), and even Kiss' official website has the City Council/Susan Myers stuff on the FRONT PAGE.

Here are the four articles on the Kiss/Susan Myers stuff so far from SooToday, for full info.

Well, I figured I should report on this, but I really felt I should weigh in on the whole Kiss/Susan Myers stuff. Now, in general, I try not to give personal opinions on anything beyond band and concert reviews, but considering the interest and debate over this, I'll put in my two cents.

I don't think Councillor Myers' complaints are justified, for three reasons.

1. Kiss are hardly that offensive. Spewing fake blood and breathing fire and such are band trademarks, and it's supposed to be theatrical and entertaining. If you watch Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, you know Gene doesn't do anything immoral or disturbing in real life (unless constantly selling out counts.) As well, lyrically, Kiss songs aren't questionable at all. Any Kiss fan will tell you that. I honestly think they're pretty tame by metal standards.

2. The Sault has had many bands that could be considered "offensive" play here. Wolven Ancestry, Behemoth, and Cattle Decapitation have all played in Sault Ontario, among others. They could all be considered more "offensive" than Kiss by some people, but I don't recall any public protests about their shows. Also, Alice Cooper played here 19 years ago. With all due respect, if Kiss are considered offensive, where does Alice Cooper fall?

3. If a person doesn't like a certain band, all they have to do is not go. Speaking from personal experience, you would never catch me at a Hillary Duff or Backstreet Boys or Neil Young concert. That's an issue of personal preference, I wouldn't protest them coming here. Also, I know the shows will be successful for attendance and money, and even if we haven't had a metal show at the Essar since last May, it doesn't hurt to have variety. Kiss appeal to a specific group of fans, and if others don't wanna go, it's their choice. They don't need to try and stop it.

Now, that's just my opinion on the issue, I respect Councillor Myers' opinion, and I hope you guys will be respectful too. Please don't send her any negative mail concerning the Kiss issue, let's show some good will, she doesn't deserve the bad press. She's just looking out for the city, and though it is a bit extreme to speak out against a band who hasn't even confirmed that they would come here yet, she means well. Let's try not to dwell on this issue too much, let's look positively towards the potential for a Kiss concert, OK?

Thanks everyone, I'll have some proper normal news tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Local Concert Preview (Staind), And Garden Of Bedlam EP Update!

The worst is over for my tests and exams, so here we go, I've got two big stories to share tonight! One involving a big local concert tomorrow night, and the other involving a new album release! With no further adieu, let's start with your local concert preview!

Tomorrow night at 7:00, multi-platinum hard rockers Staind will make their return to Sault Michigan for a concert at The Dreammakers Theater at Kewadin Casino! Tickets, if still available, are $42.50, and you can buy them at this location! This will be Staind's first appearance at Kewadin Casino since September 9, 2006, when they came here with Black Stone Cherry! This time, support will come from multi-platinum modern rock band Hoobastank (remember "The Reason"? They did that song!)

Now, you'll probably best know Staind from their 2001 smash hit "It's Been Awhile", among other #1 hits like "So Far Away", "Outside", "Right Here", and "Believe"! They're definitely one of the biggest rock bands of the new millenium, so why not check them out? I looked long and hard, but I haven't found any videos of Staind from their 2006 show here, so instead, here's the music video for their single "The Way I Am", off of their new album, "The Illusion of Progress!"

And of course, if you're going to this concert, please tell us, we'd love to hear from you! But now, the other big story: GARDEN OF BEDLAM'S DEBUT EP IS NOW OUT!!!!!!!!! I just heard from Buzz's status on Facebook that the EP will be at CDPlus at The Cambrian Mall tomorrow, if you want to pick it up, with more locations to be announced soon! And of course, when the CD release show is announced, the EP will be on sale then too! I hope to pick up a copy very soon, I can't wait to hear all the originals in their quality studio forms! And guys, I recommend you all get a copy too, support local talent, and pick up some excellent local metal music! When I get more info, you'll hear it here!

That's all for today, hopefully will have some more news tomorrow, so I'll see you all later!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

LOCAL CONCERT ALERT, And Lots Of Other News!!!

So, how's everyone doing this evening? I have an upcoming concert update, and some tour info for a local band, but first off, let's get started with a LOCAL CONCERT ALERT!!!!!!

On Thursday, May 14th, Skate4Cancer's The Cure Is Knowledge Tour will hit Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario! I mention this show because there will definitely be local metal involvement! Sense of Truth are among the performers, and if you've seen them in recent months, you know they always rock the house down! Sense of Truth will be supporting Aurora Ontario pop rockers Brighter Brightest, alongside local punk sockers Scary Uncles, and local indie artist Kalle Mattson at this concert!

Presented by Elements and MTV, this show is absolutely FREE, and yes, this show will be ALL AGES! Of course, this show is for an incredibly great cause, to raise awareness and support to find a cure for cancer. Skate4Cancer itself has been raising awareness and funds for cancer research in cross-country skating tours since 2004, and this tour is another way to help spread word about their cause, and it's great to have them coming here next month! And, for more information, head to the official Facebook event page!

Next up, we have some additions to an upcoming local concert! Remember that June 11th concert at The Oddfellows Hall that I wasn't too sure about? The one featuring Ottawa-based progressive metallers Today I Caught The Plague? Well, some more bands appear to have been added to this show! Now on the bill as well are a pair of death metal bands from Thunder Bay: Faceless Hulk and Norris! Click their names to check out some of their stuff, they ain't bad! Now, there still isn't much proof of this show's legitmacy outside of MySpace, but the fact that all three bands include it on their concert listings must say something! I'll keep you guys posted!

Now, we have an update from your favourite local black metallers, Woods of Ypres! Their upcoming tour is in the process of being booked, and they'll be hitting Eastern Canada next month, followed by a Western Canada tour in August! Woods will definitely be going to Windsor, Hamilton, and Toronto May 14-16th, with shows in Ottawa, Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, and Quebec City to be booked.

In August, they'll hit Regina, Prince Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, and Hangover, Alberta, with shows in Thunder Bay and Winnipeg still to be booked. It's great to see a tour like this, but let's all cross our fingers for a local show somewhere down the road! When full tour details are released, including venues, I'll let you guys know!

I'll leave it at that for tonight, but I'll have plenty more this week, including a local concert preview for this Tuesday's Staind concert, hopefully some more news and updates from all over the place, and fingers crossed, some positive updates on the Kiss campaign! (We're still in third place! VOTE TODAY AT THE TOP LEFT!) Have a good one!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Local Concert Previews, And Kiss Updates!!!

So, how's everyone doing? I should add, my last year of college is winding down, so I hope to be posting some longer and more frequent posts very soon! But, now for the real news! We have SIX local metal concerts this weekend, four in Sault Ontario, two in Sault Michigan, so as always, here's your local concert previews! (Oh, and we'll preview the Staind concert on Monday!)

Let's begin with the two Sault Michigan shows, where local hard rockers Nixxon Dixxon have a pair of shows scheduled in the area! First of all, they will be among the entertainment at this year's Laker Luau at Lake Superior State University! There will be plenty of games and entertainment at this year's event, which will (as the name implies) have a tropical Hawaiian theme! Nixxon Dixxon themselves will be playing at a tent outside The Galley at The Cisler Center at 4:00 today or later! I don't know if this is open to non-students, but if you can make it, we'd love to hear from you!

As well, Nixxon Dixxon head to Kincheloe tomorrow night for a show at The Malamute Saloon at 9:00! This is a little different from most weekends, where they usually play a pair of shows at a bar or something, but some variety is good, and these shows should go well! And guess what? I have a video of these guys again to show! So check this out, it's from a recent show in St. Ignace, of the band playing three acoustic songs: "Broken" by Seether, "Home" by Daughtry, and "Drift and Die" by Puddle of Mudd!

Next up, let's come back to Sault Ontario, where we have two bands playing two shows each this weekend! (Interesting to see that on this side, huh?) First off, at Madison's Pub (that's by Food Basics on Pine Street), blue Chinese metal crash punk rockers Sykotyk Rampage take the stage tonight and tomorrow night at 10:00 PM! There is NO COVER CHARGE!!! And for more information on these two shows, head to the official Facebook event page!

If you're aware of these guys already, you know what you're in for, and if you don't know much yet, you need to have a listen! They've been around for ages, and are as unique and creative as ever! So I recommend checking out some of their over 200 originals on their official SoundClick page! Or, you could check out this video for their song "9 Days"!

Finally, we go to Coch's Corner (that's downstairs at The Days Inn on Bay Street), where we will welcome Black Dog: The Tribute To Led Zeppelin! Based out of Toronto, Black Dog have been playing Zeppelin hits for over a decade, so you know they've gotta be really good! As is the case with the Sykotyk Rampage shows, Black Dog take the stage at 10:00 PM, and there's NO COVER CHARGE EITHER!!! There hasn't been any metal tribute bands here in a while, so these should be fun concerts! For more information, head to the official Facebook event page! And guess what? I have a video of these guys too! So check out this live clip of Black Dog performing "Dazed and Confused"!

So that concludes the local concert previews! To end today's post, let's get you all up to speed on the Kiss voting! As of 5:54 PM, we are STILL IN THIRD!!! Great sign, but I wonder if we can claw our way to second? (Watch your back, Oshawa.) Also, Thunder Bay and Sudbury are 15th and 16th, so it appears the other big cities of Northern Ontario don't wanna be left out either! VOTE FOR KISS TODAY, CLICK "DEMAND IT" AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE!!!

Frank Dobrovnik of The Sault Star recently published an article on the Kiss campaign, which you can read at this location, or by buying Wednesday's paper! It's a good read, so give it a look! And you know it's picking up steam when Blabbermouth posted The Sault Star article as a news item, so that says something! That's all for today, VOTE FOR KISS, and if you're going to see Nixxon Dixxon, Sykotyk Rampage, or Black Dog this weekend, let us know! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Case's Music's Battle of the Bands, SNFU, And Some Kiss Updates!!!

Greetings, everyone! Well, I hope you're all voting in the poll on the SMS about concert attendances (to your left, big red poll under the concert listings!) It's nice to see some definite trends coming up, but there are still voices to be heard, so VOTE TODAY!! Now, I plan on having a concert preview post sooner or later, but for now, here's some assorted news items!

First off, it's time to start talking about this year's Battle of the Bands from Case's Music! In case you don't know much about this battle, it's geared towards students in high and elementary school, and it's a way to get some exposure and progress into the local music scene! Hell, last year, Stillbroke won the high school division, and look how far they've came since then!

So, I know there's gotta be some viewers who are still in elementary or secondary school, so here's where you come in! If you or your band are interested in taking part in Case's Music's 2009 Battle of the Bands, call 256-7338 to register! The fee for registration is $10 per band member, and your band must play a cover and an original song. The deadline for registration is May 15th, and the Battle takes place on Sunday, May 31st, at 2:00 PM at The Canadian!

Last year, the winning bands received $100 and recording time with Green Room Productions. I don't know if the prize will be the same as last year, but I'll keep you guys posted! I also don't know any bands confirmed for the battle, but if I hear of any definite metal bands, you'll hear it here! Also, check out SooToday's coverage from last year's Battle at this location!
And finally, I've added the official Case's Music website to the Other Local Metal Links section to the right of the page! Located on 173 Spring Street, Case's Music is both a music store, and a school where you can get lessons in various instruments and singing! The site hasn't been updated recently, but there's some information about Case's, and lots of photos too!

Next up, we have some more updates to the SNFU punk show at The Lock City Grand Theater on May 5th featuring local metallers Operation: Killdozer! Another new band has been added to the lineup! Joining SNFU, Snatchback, The Scary Uncles, Nebraska Arms, and Operation: Killdozer are Toronto based punk band EndProgram! Tickets are also now for sale at The Rad Zone in The Wellington Square Mall! There are only 100 or less tickets left, at $20 a pop, so get yours while you still can! (And, check out the updated poster!)

And, finally, just some updates on the campaign to get Kiss in Sault Ontario! How could I forget about this and get away with it? As of 2:12 AM on Thursday, we were still in third! Hopefully we don't fall from there, but I would love to see us make second place on the totals! Apparently, over 6,700 people have demanded Kiss in Sault Ontario so far, and I'm glad to announce that through the Kiss widget on the SMS (Upper left above the concert listings), we've contributed nine clicks towards the vote! Thanks everyone! WE WANT THE BEST, AND WE SHALL GET THE BEST!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Do you want KISS to come to Sault Ontario?!!?!

Well guys, I got some possibly very exciting news! Multi platinum hard rock legends Kiss are letting YOU, the fans, decide where they go on their upcoming North American tour, through a promotion with Eventful! And, wouldn't you know it, you can vote for Sault Ontario! That's right, we can vote to have KISS play in Sault Ontario this fall!

The Essar Center wants Kiss here, and I know many of you do too, so they're trying to get as many people as possible to vote to help ensure that Kiss make it here! But how do you vote? Simple, see the Kiss stuff to your left? Yeah, click on the yellow "Demand It!" button, and you'll be taken to Eventful to send in your vote! Remeber to specify that we're from "Sault Sainte Marie, ON" to make sure the vote counts!

When SooToday first posted info on the Kiss fan routed tour, we were 111th in the voting. As of this post, we're up to 13th! Keep voting, cause the more votes we get, the better the odds for Kiss to come here!!! And just to add, this isn't like the hype for the Slipknot concert. That was a real possibility, but obviously the demand wasn't there. But as long as you guys get the word out, and VOTE, Kiss will be all the more likely to include us on their itinerary!

So yeah, this post is just to get you guys on the bandwagon for Kiss to come here! Check the post immediately below this one for two LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, and an update on Garden of Bedlam's upcoming EP! Thanks everyone, and VOTE FOR KISS TODAY!!!!!!

UPDATE (Tuesday at 3:25 PM): Guess where we are in the voting for the Kiss tour now?! THIRD. Yeah, THIRD!!!! We're only behind Winnipeg and Oshawa, and we're beating EVERY AMERICAN CITY. Keep the votes coming, guys! The more we get, the better the odds! Check out more SooToday coverage of the Kiss campaign at this location!

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS, And A Garden of Bedlam update!

Well guys, I gotta thank you all for voting on the poll! It's way too early to end it yet, but it's nice to see some results coming in! VOTE TODAY!! But now, I have some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!

I apologize for the short notice of this show, but we have a cover band hitting Coch's Corner for a pair of shows this weekend! Black Dog, a Toronto-based Led Zeppelin tribute band, are playing shows at 10:00 on both Friday and Saturday night, with no cover charge! It's been a while since a good tribute band's came to Sault Ontario, and I gotta say, I'm impressed by these guys! Check out their version of Immigrant Song at their official MySpace page! And for more details and to confirm your attendance, head on over to the official Facebook event page for this show!

I just realized, we have two bands playing two shows each at bars this weekend (Black Dog and Sykotyk Rampage)..sounds like a typical weekend in Sault Michigan! Nice to see!

Next up, on May 3rd, Necropolis (previously known as The Undead "Brown Pelican" Warriors) will rock The Oddfellows Hall once again! They will be supporting Toronto classical/punk band RedD Monkey (check them out on MySpace, they're quite unique), alongside local punk rockers The Fury and Stealing Kisses! Though not entirely a metal show, why not go and check out Necropolis, they have a lot of great stuff! Tickets are just $5, and the show starts at 7:00 PM! For more details, check out the official Facebook event page!

And finally, if you're a member of Garden of Bedlam's official Facebook group, you might have received an e-mail from frontman Erik "Buzz" Boissineau! Just in case you didn't hear the news, I'll give you a recap! The band's debut EP is currently on its way here! And they'll come out for sale next month at the CD release party (Details to be announced!) Now, if you can't wait until May to hear the new songs, there are previews of some of the new songs on Garden of Bedlam's official MySpace page! Excuse the quality, but the songs will definitely sound excellent once you get the CD in your hands! I can't wait to hear more, and as I hear more, I'll let y'all know!

Well, that's all for this post, more news this week if I can pry myself away from my homework and studying! Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Polls Are Now Open!!! Vote Today!

Well, the blog's popularity is growing and growing! On Friday, we had a record 72 hits (Kudos, everyone!), and we recently gained out first follower (Thanks to The Damn Nation for following us!) So, I figured now is the right time to pull the trigger on a new addition to the blog!

So, you may have noticed to your left that we have a poll on the blog now! It's bright red so you won't miss it! For the first question, I decided on a topic that has a lot of relevance to the frustrations of many of the metalheads in the area: Attendance at concerts. Most metal shows that come through here don't get amazingly high crowds. It's a problem that has came up more than once, and led to a lot of discussion over what to do in response.

But I'd love to hear from you guys as to what you think. So, I pose the question to you: What do you think is the biggest reason that many fans don't go to metal concerts in Sault Ontario? I've gave 11 options to vote from, so let me go over each one quickly to explain why they're a choice in the poll.

Don't like the bands - Some people don't like many bands that come here, and as a result, won't pay to see them. Would you say this is an issue of lack of support or pickiness, or could bookers get some different types of bands to raise attendance?

Friend's band isn't playing - Yes, some people decide not to go to shows because none of their friends are among the performers. I've heard this excuse a lot, but is it a big enough issue that it needs to be focused on?

General laziness - I'm the first person to say this ISN'T the reason, but there's a few people in the Sault that believe that others won't go to shows because they're too lazy. I don't agree, but would you say that about people who don't attend local concerts?

High ticket prices - Not every local show can be paid for with a ten dollar bill, and that's where many fans opt not to attend. However, high ticket prices are often needed depending on the size of the band. Can cheaper admission rates help, or is that unrealistic?

Lack of alcohol license - Lots of you like to have a beer at a local show, that's no big deal. But what happens if there's no alcohol at all, or they cancel it from a show? There are people that won't go for that reason. Is this at all a concern for attendance?

Minimal advertising - In the Internet age, that's where many of us get our concert info. Posters still appear in town here & there, but not at high levels like they once were. Can attendance be helped through increased advertising, or is that behind us now?

Not many big name artists - Some people decided whether to go or not by if they've heard of the band, or if they're big enough to warrant buying a ticket. Do promoters need to get better known bands, or is this a problem with fans being unsupportive of developing talent?

Quality of venue - There are plenty of concert spots in Sault Ontario, but many fans won't go if they don't like where a show is held (i.e. The Oddfellows isn't as high end as The Grand, etc). Is location at all a key for attendance?

Staff & security crackdowns - There's a few people who won't go to a show due to restrictiveness & rules set up by staff, organizers, and/or security. But, it's often needed for a safe concert environment. This isn't at every show, but is it worth looking into?

Underage restrictions - I've heard this problem a lot, that there's too many shows that aren't all ages. Truth be told, most 19+ shows I've attended weren't packed, but then again, most shows here are all ages. At least in terms of 19+ shows, is this a concern to discuss?

Other - Got another belief that isn't a choice? Vote for other, and tell us what you think is the biggest problem with a comment on this post!

So yeah, I'd love to hear what you guys have to say on this issue! Hopefully we'll get some worthwhile adult discussion and info about why attendance isn't great at many local metal shows!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Local Concert Previews For This Weekend!!

Greetings one and all! We have five local concerts in the next few days to discuss, so as usual, here's your local concert previews for this weekend!

We'll start in Sault Ontario, where there will be some metal representation at Sara Kutt's Going Away Show tomorrow night at The Oddfellows Hall! Necropolis, previously known as The Undead "Brown Pelican" Warriors, are among the performers for this show! You'll probably best remember them as the winners of the YMCA Battle of the Bands from last month! They're obviously a great band, as winning that battle shows, but judge for yourself! Check out this video from the battle of their performance of the song "Night Riders"!

This concert will also feature local punk rockers The Fury and Good Morning Gorillas, acoustic comedy act The John, and Blind River indie band Actors Address! Three For Fallacy and their side project I Am Lovesick were scheduled, but have since dropped off, just to remind everyone. Tickets are $5 in advance, or $8 at the door, but you can knock the door price back to $5 if you bring Sara Kutt a gift! Doors open at 6:30 for this show! I dunno if I'll be there, but if you are, we'd love to hear from you about how it was!

Now, we'll head across to Sault Michigan for the other four concerts taking place this weekend! First off, at 9:00 PM both tonight and tomorrow, Sault Mighigan hard rockers Jager return for a pair of shows at The Rapids Lounge at Kewadin Casino! Here's hoping they deliver a knockout performance once again! But keep in mind, they don't have any other shows scheduled here until the last weekend of May, so if you want your fill of Jager (the band, not the alcohol), why not go check them out this weekend? I recommend you take a listen to some of their original songs on their official MySpace page, or you could always check out this video of them performing a cover of Jet's "Cold Hard Bitch"!

Cold Hard Bitch

Finally, we have two more shows in Sault Michigan tonight and tomorrow! These will feature fellow local hard rockers Nixxon Dixxon! They'll be rocking The Satisfied Frog this weekend, with both shows starting at 10:00 PM! They got more shows coming up next week, but why not go see them this weekend? They are damn talented for a young band, so why not go? I don't have a video to show, but if you go to their official MySpace page, you'll hear some awesome cover songs by these rising stars!

So there's your local concert previews for this weekend, you've got a few options for some local metal, so go rock out and enjoy yourselves! Or not, it's your call, but still, go support local metal! Your next local concerts after Saturday are next weekend, when Sykotyk Rampage and Nixxon Dixxon both play two shows in the Sault area, and of course, a week from Tuesday, STAIND will be in Sault Michigan! That's all for now, hopefully I'll have some news to share this weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guess Who Were Spotted In Sault Ste. Marie Yesterday?

First off guys, at least for the time being, don't visit our Photobucket page (it's linked in the Other Local Metal Links). I heard reports that a Trojan horse is lurking there. I don't think it's anything I personally did, but just as a precaution, don't visit the site without good anti-virus protection. If you can get through with no problems, let me know!

Well guys, you missed it (and so did I.) LAMB OF GOD were in Sault Ontario yesterday! Apparently, they stopped at The Water Tower Inn to rest, while they were on their way to Toronto from a show in Thunder Bay! And luckily, there was eyewitnesses to capture Lamb of God in our turf! Tiffany Mearow and Gates of Winter/Woods of Ypres' own Bryan Belleau and Steve Furgiuele were lucky enough to be there and get photos (as in the one to your right with bassist John Campbell!)

Tiffany also got autographs of four of the five band members, some guitar picks, and even got to wear one of their coats! Now that is really cool, and I wish I could have got to meet them too! Though I have seen them twice live in concert, but meeting them's way more awesome! To check out more photos of Lamb of God in Sault Ste. Marie (including shots with Randy Blythe and the Adler brothers), head to this location! And a big thanks to Tiffany Mearow for the information!

Do I have anything else to say tonight? Oh yeah, a few things! Now, I know some of you were bummed about the Marianas Trench concert being cancelled (Remember, Stillbroke were to open, so there would have been metal there.) Well, the plan is for this concert to be rescheduled for June 15th at The Canadian! They're also requesting that you refund your tickets, as the admission might be cheaper or pricier depending on the lineup for this makeup date! So if I hear any metal-related updates on this show, you'll hear it here!

That's all for now, I'll have a larger post tomorrow, including this weekend's local concert previews! But I just needed to tell y'all that LAMB OF GOD were here, I couldn't let that item sit for another day! Now if only they'd play here, that would be epic beyond belief! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Updates And Cancellations!!!

Now, I have to get you guys updated on some local metal concert news that flew right by me recently without notice! So let's get everyone up to speed! (And for my review of the Cattle Decapitation concert from this past Sunday, check immediately below this post!)

First off, reunited Sudbury hardcore band Three For Fallacy are no longer playing at Sara Kutt's Going Away Show this Saturday. As a result, their acoustic side project I Am Lovesick won't be playing either. But, there will still be metal representation for this concert, as Necropolis (A.K.A. The Undead "Brown Pelican" Warriors) are still scheduled!

This show, also scheduled to feature The John, The Fury, Actors Address, and Good Morning Gorillas, will take place at 6:30 PM on Saturday at The Oddfellows Hall! Admission is still $5 in advance (message Sara Kutt or call at 253-8752 to get one!) Tickets are $8 at the door, or $5 with a small gift!

Next up, we have a couple of cancellations. Remember that concert that was scheduled in two weeks featuring Terrorhorse and Upheaval of an Exorcist? Yeah, scratch that from your calendars. Terrorhorse's Myspace now are looking for a booking on that date, so there is officially no Terrorhorse show here on the 28th. I wasn't really sure if it was gonna happen from day one when I heard about it, but nice to hear some clarification either way!

And also, the show scheduled for May 28th featuring The Fitzpatrick Incident, The Advocate, As It Stands, and Upheaval of an Exorcist has been cancelled also. I can make that judgment due to the deletion of the Facebook event page. I haven't heard why, but for a show that definitely was a go, with lots of information for it, it's kind of suprising.

OK, enough of cancellations and removals, we have an addition this time! You know about the SNFU punk concert on May 5th at The Lock City Grand Theater with local metal band Operation: Killdozer, right? Well, we have another confirmed band to mention! They are Snatchback, a punk band from Ottawa! Though not metal, they're a good band, and I figure it's worth mentioning, what with a metal band on the lineup and all! Tickets are $20, and you can get your tickets while you still can by e-mailing!

I'll leave it at that for today, hopefully we'll have a more positive post in the near future, with more additions and new shows than cancellations! I know this much, we'll have local concert previews this weekend for sure, so stay tuned! Thanks everyone!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Cattle Decapitation Concert Review!!!

Sorry about the delay on this, homework and a slow computer aren't a good mix. But, now, I have a review from last night's Cattle Decapitation show to share with you all!

The Oddfellows Hall worked well for the show, it was inviting and well setup. Kinda minimal compared to other places in town, but it did it's job. The sound from Crank Distribution was fantastic as well! The crowd turnout was small, which is a shame, but at least the fans that did show up had a good time! Sadly, Rose Funeral had to drop out of the show, so the tickets were knocked down $5 and it started a bit later than expected, but it was still a great concert! (And thanks to Josh from Garden of Bedlam for the free ticket!)

So the concert started off with North Bay's own The Killing Field, making their first ever appearance in Sault Ste. Marie! How would I describe these guys? Well, I could say they were an "onslaught of noise"! They delivered their own brand of extreme metal on us, and kicked this show off with a definite bang! Great job from these guys, I can't wait to see them back in the Sault in the near future!

Next up was Sudbury's own Beyond Within! This was the first time I've seen them in a couple years, and they sound just as ferocious and heavy as ever! Frontman Todd Pidgeon tore it up with his death growling, and the rest of the band sounded tight and heavy as well! These guys seriously impressed me, as they did from back in the day, and I even bought myself a Beyond Within t-shirt as well! Also, it was cool to see show promoter Rich Moreland join Beyond Within on stage to help sing one of their songs, that was a nice gesture!

After that, came Psyopus, and they were also quite entertaining! They delivered their very own brand of extreme metal that was very original and unique! There's no doubt that these guys were talented, and it definitely showed, with lots of heaviness to boot! Psyopus are musically hard to describe, but they were heavy as hell and did an excellent job at the show!

Finally, Cattle Decapitation took the stage, and brought the house down! This was their first real Their death metal stylings brought the crowd into a metal frenzy, and with good reason! Frontman Travis Ryan was really personable with the crowd too, which was awesome, and the band displayed great musicmanship! The heads were banging away, and the show sure as hell ended with a bang! We need more death metal here, and hopefully we'll get a lot more sooner or later!

Overall, it was an awesome night of death and extreme metal mayhem, and it was one hell of a show! I wish more people would have shown up, but I say that about most shows that come here, so yeah. Check out the rest of my photos from this concert at The Sault Metal Scene's official Photobucket page! (I'm sorry about the "orbs" on so many of the pics, I can't control that, it shouldn't happen at the next show!) But I do have to say, the quality of the pics is great, especially concerning the flash (It was dark with orangey-red lighting at the show, but you couldn't tell by the pics!)

That's all for tonight, your next local concerts are Sara Kutt's Going Away Concert and double dates by Jager and Nixxon Dixxon this weekend! Thanks everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Local Concert Previews For This Weekend!!!

Hello everyone, I have local concert previews for you all! There are five local metal concerts this weekend now, so let's get a rolling! And remember, the Stillbroke show with Marianas Trench on Monday has been CANCELLED, but it will be rescheduled!

Let's start in Sault Michigan, where tonight and tomorrow night, two bands are taking the stage for a pair of shows each! First off, we'll head to The Rapids Lounge at Kewadin Casino, where local classic hard rockers Bad Side (featuring DJ Lissa from 99.5 Yes FM on lead vocals) take the stage tonight and tomorrow night! Both shows will start at 9:00 PM, and if the songs on their MySpace are any indication, the shows should go fantastic! But don't take my word for it, check out this video for Bad Side's song "Living In Fear"!

Next up, we'll head to The Satisfied Frog, where another Sault Michigan hard rock band, Shift, will take the stage for a pair of shows this weekend! Same days as Bad Side, but Shift's shows will start an hour later, at 10:00 PM! I don't have any audio or video to share with you guys, but Shift definitely are a talented band, so I bet you they're worth checking out this weekend as well!

And finally, the big show of this weekend! Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow night at The Oddfellows Hall, CATTLE DECAPITATION invade Sault Ste. Marie! These San Diego-based death metal rockers are pretty well known, with a number of albums on Metal Blade Records, and a devoted following with their crushing death/grind sound and their vegetarian and anti-animal cruelty message! Check out their music video for their new single "Regret And The Grave!"

Support for this show will come from Cincinnati death metal band Rose Funeral, Rochester avant-garde metal band Pysopus, as well as a couple of Northern Ontario metal bands! Sudbury death metal rockers Beyond Within will make their long awaited return to Sault Ste. Marie, and North Bay experiemental metal band The Killing Field round out the lineup of this show! Click on each band's name to head to their respective MySpace pages, where you can check out some of their original tracks!

Tickets are $15 in advance from CD Plus, Northland Music, and The Music Depot, but the price jumps to $20 at the door! Everything starts at 6:00 PM on Sunday night at The Oddfellows Hall, and yes, it's ALL AGES! I'm going, I'll have a review posted after the show, and I hope you guys can make it too! And to get full details and confirm your attendance, head on over to the official Facebook event page!

So that's your local concert preview for this weekend! Your next local concerts are next weekend, where Three For Fallacy will be headlining Sara Kutt's Going Away Concert, and Nixxon Dixxon and Jager rock Sault Michigan, so stay tuned for more news!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!! (Blind Witness and Nixxon Dixxon), And A Cancellation!

You can probably tell what this post is about by the title, so yeah, here's some LOCAL CONCERT ALERTS!!!!

(EDIT: I had initially reported that local hard rockers Stillbroke would be supporting Marianas Trench at a concert on Monday night at The Canadian. However, this show has been cancelled due to an illness with a member of Marianas Trench. The show will be rescheduled at a later date. Thanks to Laurie Frigault for the information!)

Ok, now onto some shows that are definitely still on as scheduled! So, hardcore fans, get ready! This is kind of an update to an already posted show, as this one is the same day as one I already mentioned, so I'll assume it was reworked. I had told you guys about a planned show on May 19th at The Arcadia Coffeehouse featuring Uxbirdge hardcore band To Cherish and Belleville hardcore band Amnesia Amnesia. Well, things have changed! Amnesia Amnesia aren't on it anymore, it's now at The Oddfellows Hall, and some more bands have been added to the lineup!

Now headlining are Montreal hardcore rockers Blind Witness, making their return to Sault Ontario after canceling on the Carnifex concert due to a car accident! Nice to see them back around these parts! Joining them and To Cherish are Calgary hardcore band The Fallacy, local hardcore band As It Stands, and local punk band The Fury! Tickets will be $9 in advance, $12 at the door, and doors open at 6:30 on May 19th for the show! There, it's good to have some clarification on this concert, I was starting to question if it was even going on from what I knew before! So click on the bands' names to check them out, and to get full details on this show or confirm your attendance, head on over to the official Facebook event page for more information!

Also, I have a couple shows in Sault Michigan to tell y'all about! Local classic hard rockers Nixxon Dixxon have scheduled two more local concerts this month! On April 24th, they will be among the entertainment at this year's Laker Luau at The Cisler Center at Lake Superior State University! The next night, they will rock out at The Malamute Saloon in Kincheloe (which is about a half hour away from Sault Michigan) at 9:00 PM! Knowing how they sound, these shows should be as good as ever (check them out on Myspace for proof!) But before all of this can take place, you can check out Nixxon Dixxon next weekend at The Satisfied Frog!

And finally, an event page for the upcoming SNFU concert featuring local metal band Operation: Killdozer has been posted on SooToday, and you can check it out at this location! Remember, it takes place on May 5, and tickets are $20! That's all for tonight, more to come this weekend, including local concert previews!!!