Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Defunct Local Band Profile Series: The Grape Slushies

Hey guys, it's that time once again, for our latest Defunct Local Band Profile on The Sault Metal Scene! This is our 10th profiled band overall, but just the third from the Sault Michigan area, and though they're not the most prominent or serious of the inactive and broken up local metal bands, you might find them humourous! Remember, this band (and all previously-chosen acts) were picked RANDOMLY for inclusion in this series from our extensive local metal band links, with NO bias for talent, success, longevity, membership, or prominence. Just as long as they're locally based with an internet page, they're eligible for this series! So let's begin this month's profile!
The Grape Slushies

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan


Chad "C-Rog" Rogers (Deface The King, 2nd Tuesday of Next Week), vocals
Brian "B-Mor" Morley (Deface The King), guitar

Audio/Video: The Grape Slushies had three audio demos posted on their MySpace page, though none appeared to be full songs, with the longest ("Jew Oh Teh Junglez") lasting 86 seconds. All feature both band members, and all appear to have been recorded around the same time in early-mid 2007. With no other visible internet pages, this is all for audio material from this band. To help spread this material to a wider audience, I decided to upload all three demos to YouTube, as part of a single YouTube video because none of the tracks are really substantial enough to warrant individual uploads. So check out The Grape Slushies' comedic metal demos "Jew Oh Teh Junglez", "One Mean Underbite", and "Penile Hammer Crush"!

Info/Analysis: The Grape Slushies were a comedic metal project from local musicians Chad Rogers & Brian Morley, who were active for at least seven months in 2007. Chad & Brian have played together in other local projects, including the defunct metal trio Deface The King. The Grape Slushies were definitely a lighter hearted and more humourous attempt at metal than we normally see locally, including drawing "influences" from Avril Lavigne & Limp Bizkit, and listing their record label as "Little Bunny Foo Foo Records". The band posted a track listing on their MySpace page for a forthcoming debut album, featuring eleven odd & questionable song titles, but its doesn't look like it got released before they went inactive in September 2007. Musically, don't expect much from this project. The recording quality's good, but the songs don't have much of a clear structure, and Chad's death metal vocals verge on parody, but I think that's the point. Their songs are designed to be humorous, with lots of "we are tough" boasting, teasing about big underbites, and even descriptions of video game fighting. If you're going to derive some enjoyment from The Grape Slushies, it will probably be from the lyrical content, which did give me a couple of smiles, but this is far from the level of most death metal bands locally. I imagine The Grape Slushies could have made some waves if they had a full lineup and made huge changes to their song structures, but as they stand today, they'll be best served for a laugh or two, if anything.
So there's our latest Defunct Local Band Profile, and remember, they were RANDOMLY SELECTED! I never know who's next until the day I post a profile, it's always a surprise even to me! Our next Sault Michigan band profile will likely be in June, so stay tuned for that! So, what's being previewed next month? Well, the band I randomly chose will be Route 69, a defunct progressive hard rock quartet featuring Aftersight frontman Ed Vowels and veteran local musician Glen Thomas, among others! Although I can't find any audio or video material of theirs, I don't think I'll combine the profile with another band, as I think there's enough biography and band info to fill this one out. Watch out for this profile between April 8th and 14th!

That's all for today, but stay tuned tomorrow for our latest Saultites In Out Of Town Bands Profile on Buster Cherry, featuring ex-members of Carbon Black (and of course, more news soon as well!) Thanks everyone!

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