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Defunct Local Band Profile Series: Analog Deficiency & Steven Flint

Today marks our latest Defunct Local Band Profiles, but with a change for half of them. Originally, we were going to profile mid-2000s Sault Ontario death metal band Devastation of the Heavens second, but when doing their profile, I found a lot more information & media than I'd expected, and it's only fair to give them a full profile to themselves. As a result, I've bumped D.O.T.H. to the April installment of this series as the lone band, and I've randomly picked a new Sault Ontario project to join this month's already-selected Sault Michigan band, in our monthly look at defunct/inactive local metal/hard rock acts. With that said, read on below for all you need to know on this month's randomly selected bands! (Updated on August 21st)
Analog Deficiency

Genre: Progressive Metal

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Members: (Members not in their last lineup in italics. This information is incomplete. E-mail me at if you can help fill in any blanks or make any corrections!)

Nathan Switzer (Sir Charge, RamWagon), guitar
Cody Tidwell (Traces), guitar
Cody Reed (RamWagon, The Eleventh Hour, Hoist The Sails), guitar
Joe Niemi (Hoist The Sails), bass
Marcel Grengs (RamWagon, The Highest of Fives, Hoist The Sails), drums

Brian Decker, guitar
T.J. ????? (Deprecor), bass

Info/Analysis: Analog Deficiency were a short lived Sault Michigan alternative metal project that existed from July 2009 through the fall of 2010. Formed by members of a prior cover band, Analog Deficiency had plans to write and record an album during their short run, but I don't believe they ever played live (or even secured a permanent singer.) Public band news slowed to a stop by September 2010, with members focusing on newer band projects in recent years, including most of their last lineup joining both Hoist the Sails and RamWagon. I wish Analog Deficiency had lasted longer than they did, as their posted instrumental demos were very promising! As shown on their two surviving 2010 audio tracks "We're Dealing With A Samsquanch, Boys" & "Lamps Falling From The Sky", the members shown solid skills at technical metal with a clear influence from Meshuggah & similar industrial/djent bands, even throwing some KoRn-esque riffs in for good measure! If anything, these songs are unfinished and can be a bit repetitive (vocals & solos would help), but it's a shame that Analog Deficiency never took off, as the guys had something very good going. Check out "Lamps Falling From The Sky" below, and more at the above links!


Steven Flint

Genre: Metal/Classic Rock

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Performers: (E-mail me at if you have any additions or corrections!)

Steven Flint (The Suicide Kings, Wishbone, Limelight), all instruments
Chris Stainthorpe (Silver Dream), guitar
Mike LaRue (Limelight, Silver Dream), bass 

Info/Analysis: Over a year after the credited performers' previous band Silver Dream crashed & burned, that project's drummer Steven Flint launched a short lived solo project in July 2011 featuring him on more instruments, along with input & performances from the other non-vocal members of that band. Steven's solo work only produced one (now deleted) song entitled "Run To You", which was heavier than the performers' 2010 output while still retaining a classic edge, and Steven's vocal range shared deeper & grittier qualities like those of fellow local musician Mike Haggith. Steven's solo work quietly went inactive early the next year, with him & bassist/producer Mike LaRue joining the (also short lived) local cover band Limelight in the spring of 2012. I liked where Steven's solo material was going, but it's great to see him hit even bigger heights with his more recent bands, and even if he doesn't do any imminent new solo work, I'd like to hear "Run To You" again in some form, possibly by The Suicide Kings?

I hope you guys liked this month's Defunct Local Band Profiles! Next month, as promised at the beginning, we WILL be profiling the mid-2000s Sault Ontario death metal band Devastation of the Heavens on or around April 10th! After finding more information than I'd originally estimated, it's only fair, so watch out for that next month, and for more news this week! Thanks everyone!

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